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t-mobile g1, the first android phoneIt’s been just over a week since T-Mobile premiered the G1, the first cell phone with Google’s Android OS. Although the phone won’t be available for three more weeks, T-Mobile has already sold all of its preorder units.

That’s right, folks. The Gphone is sold out.

Of course, T-Mobile most likely set aside a significant number of G1s to be sold direct in stores. One report cited by Business Week said that T-Mobile expects to sell up to half a million G1s this quarter. Their order with the phone’s maker, HTC, naturally, is for a much higher number: 1.5 to 2 million.

As Unwired View points out, two million isn’t a whole lot compared to the iPhone’s early predictions (10 million). But considering the amount of competition we’ll be likely to see among Android handsets, it’s probably plenty.

No other companies have yet premiered Android-based phones, but rumors abound about many in the works. Allegedly, five other cell phone makers are working on Gphones—possibly including Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Qualcomm is supposed to definitely be one of the other makers.

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, (do you even have to ask?) Nokia, however, appears to be going in a different direction: the new Nokia Tube, also an iPhone competitor, comes with a large touch screen—and bundled subscription music download service. The Tube, like other Nokia phones, will most likely run Java ME apps.

What do you think: will the G1, the Tube or another Gphone be the iPhone killer—or none of the above?

  • I think the term “iPhone killer” is too overused. Sure, these phones have similar features to the iPhone, but does that make them a killer? How about a competitor?

    Interesting to see the approach Google is taking with the Android OS and its multi-company route. If anything, it should encourage manufacturers to come up with the best possible handsets, both in style and design.

    Either way, the winners are us, the consumers.

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  • At least people will know not to wait overnight in line to find out it’s sold out.

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  • Iphone already rocked the market… wont be an iphone killer.. but yes there will surely be a craze because of google’s name being associated with it …

  • rt

    nothing will best this phone.
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Cool so when do we get something cool from Verizon other than the poopy Voyager?

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  • Dean

    Let’s be honest, anything launched exclusively on T-Mobile won’t “kill” anything.

    I am sure it will be a great phone but I ain’t switching to T-Mobile for crissakes.

  • i think apple needs to bring a new generation of iphones. The current ones start to loose in terms of features to their competition…. and apple needs to review their price policy in europe… an iphone for 500 euros? come on….

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  • Im sure it will do good but I dont think it will kill the iphone, it already sold a lot of phones and I don’t see it stopping

  • I don’t know if I would call them iPhone killers… Its just more companies jumping into the market. And competition is always good.

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  • PS3

    Apple is style personified, the iPhone is the coolest gadget I’ve had in a long while.

    HTC have produced great phones for a long time but focus more on functionality.

    Horses for courses, really depends what you are after.

  • See this is great… the competion and the variety of choices we’ll have for these new phones are awesome!

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  • Everyone who has never suffered with chronic coverage issues with T-Mobil thinks this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. ItSNOT. T-Mobil has very bad coverage near New York City and particularly Northern NJ. Probably many other areas as well.

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  • Well the iPhone is a very stylish and well marketed brand, since it’s Apple. It’s the first to have design a mobile phone of this kind and any following product to the iPhone from any other manufacturer will lack originality as Apple started it all.

    But more iPhone competitors are great for widening this phone type range, so we the consumers could make our selections to our preferences of design and functionality. And competition is always great for determining better pricing for the consumers.

  • iPhone is an iconic product, no other products come close.

  • “What do you think: will the G1, the Tube or another Gphone be the iPhone killer—or none of the above?”

    Hopefully none of the above:

    My software dev partner (, and I have had this discussion multiple times – we simply cannot believe that production units at any reasonable small size and cost will have the video performance the G guys demo’d a couple of months ago. Honestly, all the techies I hang out with were looking for the “man behind the curtain” during that video footage.

    It’s Linux – you don’t need an App Store!

  • First off, can we all please stop calling everything ‘killers’? Have we lost the ability to say competition? It’s really not that hard a word.

    I don’t believe it’s that easy to compare the G1 with an iPhone. The iPhone is built for style and sophistication. Yes, it has a lot of apps but only the ones Apple let’s you have, and it’s lacking when it comes to features like the camera.

    The G1 isn’t very pretty but it’s functional (like the Qwerty keyboard) and flexible (in the sense of applications).

    Nokia produce some pretty phones (although that’s often down to personal preference) but mostly they’re functional and do some jobs very well. For example, the cameras (no phone comes close to matching my N95 for photos) and the connectivity the offer. Like the G1, there’s plenty of flexibility in applications (as in fairly unrestricted) which is only let down by the limitations of only allowing Java.

    The perfect phone, for me, would be a combination of all the above. Style, sophistication, functionality and freedom. Put Android on a Nokia N96 and I reckon you’re pretty much there.

  • I think that each will have its own space.

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  • it’s not so much if they’ll be iphone killers for me. what i like is that we’re having more and better choices. that can only be a good thing.

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  • I wish to get this phone so much but don’t you think it is too expensive?

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  • PS3

    “Expensive” is a relative term but yeah, you are probably right, for most of us it is a bit extravagent.

    Maybe they will roll out some Xmas deals?

  • @Hugo Santos
    An iPhone is 500 Euros, wow!!!!!

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  • I’m sorry I just don’t get the craze, I must be such a minority.

    If I’m out, I’m busy…if I need to make a call it’s not going to be from a $400 phone.

    If I’m home, I have a phone.

    If I’m traveling, I have a laptop.

    If your phone costs more or even close to your computer, good luck. LMAO!

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  • Too bad my country did not have this model, even iphone also did not sold. I have to visit neighbor country only have, but the price is very expensive

  • Yup, seems most anything associated with Google is assured some form of success.

  • I am starting to gather money for this awesome phone. I am low on budget now but will definitely get it.

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  • I see a day when cellphones will replace computers..

  • I doubt the GPhone would be an iPhone killer just yet. The iPhone has a lot of great apps and readily available open source software that can’t be found on Google. It is the App Store that will draw people to the iPhone.

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  • Nautonnier

    The iPhone looks good – but if I want to enter a long message or take part in a rapid fire chat, I don’t want a clunky virtual keyboard. Each phone will have its niche and that niche may or may not be bigger than the others.
    The Apple Mac had just as much vociferous support had a better chipset and more security, but still lost out to the dreary PC. In this as in other things ‘looks aren’t everything’ 🙂

  • I’d love an iPhone but sadly the fact that the contract is not that great has been stopping me. If only there was an iPhone which could work with Orange and other networks then I’d get one for sure!

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  • shamunda

    There’s no denying apple elevated the stakes in smartphone technology. However, Apple has also been known to inadvertantly force vendors to be creative, because of it’s own monopolistic ways.

    Case in point: Can only license apples multitouch technology if you use their embedded flavor of their software technology?

    So vendors are forced to be creative in order to stay in the game.

    Blackberry is coming out with multitouch getting around apples patent because their multitouch is pressure sensitive 🙂

    Microsoft has their own answer to MT using IR technology and other excellent features.

    Google has open the doorway to an open mobile platform that developers/vendors will have a party with.

    So alot more creativity will spark, and people like thet option to choose and maintain their individualism.

    Here’s an example of excellent creativity from a company Called Cowon that you may never of heard of; and what I think could be an excellent contender to be the next ‘ipod/itouch’ killer.

    This device wreaks of sweetness 😉

  • seo

    Im sure it will do good but I dont think it will kill the iphone, it already sold a lot of phones and I don’t see it stopping

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