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Unless you have a lot of friends on Facebook that are illiterate, I’m betting you won’t have too much trouble identifying the latest attempt to infect your computer with the Koobface trojan. Here’s the type of message that typically accompanies the attempt to infect you:

"Sommebody uupload a viideo witth you on utubee. you shuold ese"

Even my dog can spell better than that.

OK, so the hackers are likely deliberately misspelling words so as to avoid spam filters, but still, would you click on the above?

You might, if you saw that the link went to a legitimate site such as Google. But, don’t be fooled.

On Tuesday, researchers at unified threat management vendor Fortinet noticed that a program similar to the Koobface worm had started using the Google Reader and Picasa Web sites to spread. In the attack, criminals host images that look like YouTube videos on the Google sites in hopes of tricking victims into downloading malicious Trojan software.

This has been a public service announcement from Marketing Pilgrim. 🙂

  • Permz

    leet hax fo realz

  • Are you sure they are deliberately misspelling words? 🙂

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  • Apleparnty it is olny the frist and lsat ltetres taht atacululy mtater. You can raed a scntenee coetcrlry eevn if the ltetres ibenteewen the frist and lsat lteter are mdulded.

    Not sure that’s completely true though! Anyway, why are they deliberately mispelling words like with and should. Surely these words are words which would never be flagged by spam catches in the first place?


  • My dog can spell better than that too.

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  • They could at least type it like a lolcat – ‘I can haz yootoobz viddeo?’

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  • Haha, That was pretty smart of those hackerz to come up with something like that! Hats Off!

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  • cat

    It’s a good idea with bad spelling, for nobody to understand nothing

  • maybe they english sughs 🙂 or they tyve de wort in huurree 🙂
    as a ameteur haceker …
    any way it is good idea i never think of before …
    :)as a ameteur hacker …

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  • Imran

    iPod u are right except for the minority that is labeled dyslexic…if you misspell they have trouble understanding since their perceptions are of phonetics and not the words themselves or at least something like that