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There’s a treasure trove of Internet marketing wisdom in instructional videos (and, of course, funny ones, too) around the Internet. But that was kind of the problem—they were all around the Internet. Now, instead of scouring SEOmoz, Matt Cutts’s archives and YouTube for all the good marketing knowledge, you can turn to one central source:

IMBroadcast won’t just be a collection of videos, either. Cofounder Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal says:

We are hoping that will become more than simply a video sharing site, we want it to become a community. Our thought process behind the site is that will become a tool for educating visual learners that are attempting to understand Internet Marketing concepts, as well as a platform for experienced and new marketers to interact. Like YouTube, Google’s video sharing community, will be open to its members to upload all forms of Internet Marketing oriented videos, rants, video blogs and tutorials as well as rank, subscribe to and comment on these videos.

Like YouTube indeed. The IMBroadcast homepage is modeled after the YouTube homepage—which in the end is probably a good idea, as it’s an easy way to feature recently viewed, popular and sponsored videos at a glance, as well as being a layout that most (if not all) of us already understand.

In addition to Loren Baker, IMBroadcast was founded by Search & Social’s Jordan Kasteller (not to be confused with our own . . . well, me!) and David Snyder (not to be confused with—oh, wait, it is our own David Snyder!)

In addition to Internet marketing videos from all over the web, IMBroadcast will offer live streaming video. To celebrate their launch this week, they’ll be streaming Scary SEO today and tomorrow. Be sure to tune in!