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We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
So you’ll have the news!

Now bring me some figgy pudding!

  • I think Yahoo’s problems are mostly related to management decisions and style. They have great people on their staff and brand recognition that can’t be beat, except for the fact that Google did it better. Will AOL management help? NO. IMHO 🙂 Cheers

  • There were some great tips on the Google Webmasters blog about inbound and outbound links. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve subscribed to the Google Webmasters blog. 🙂

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  • Great links, thanks for sharing, I will check the stories one by one.

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  • As usual great collection of links–especially the one for Goog Webmaster Central. Have come to expect good things from Marketing Pilgrim.

    Patricia Skinner’s last blog post..Connect With Your Audience

  • Nice list of reading material. Ta for keeping us current with the latest happenings. Am looking forward to seeing Googles perspective on linking. One generally tends to focus on inbound links above all else.

  • Hmmm… AOL and Yahoo, let’s hope everything turns out well for Yahoo as they are really turning their graph down!

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  • Again, a great collection of links. Have people stopped slating the new Facebook design yet?


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  • And yeah, Facebook can be a very good way of branding online as long as you don’t spam!

    abdul’s last blog post..How To Get A Good Page Rank?

  • Perhaps if you look at it from the point of you yahoo, all is not lost. It gives a war chest and time to get its act together!

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  • I hope that Google Webmaster Central Blog takes this series to its logical conclusion. I intend following them every day. Thank you for this link.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Discount Lingerie

  • Thank you for those links.

  • PS3

    As someone quoted on the Webmaster blog “There are many webmasters who (rightfully) aren’t preoccupied by the subject of inbound links.”


  • That facebook live search is just annoying. You can offer me tons of money to use your service, but if it doesn’t work I’m simply not going to stick around all that long.

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  • *chuckle
    Yahoo! is so going down rite now, even we webmasters are live prove of that fact. Majority of our sites gets Google traffic and very little compared to Yahoo. Even with the ! its not working for them.

  • Yahoo just don’t know when to quit, do they.

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  • PS3

    I’m glad they don’t. Maybe they aren’t making any inroads right now but someone has to give Google at least a bit of competition.

  • Nice collection of links again. And there were some great tips on the Google Webmasters blog