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Because it’s just been too long without a full-fledged linky goodness.

  • MySpace gives up the good fight—for Holland. They’re closing the Netherlands’ office, citing too much competition from the Dutch social network Hyver.
  • Don’t like that YouTube clip’s slow beginning? Link to it with a specified start time. And you can customize your YouTube homepage now.
  • Facebook’s showing off its open sourciness with revealing some internal code. It does . . . something. Sorry, I don’t speak developer buzz wordese.
  • SEW reports that both LinkedIn and hakia are launching new search features. Ten guesses as to which one you’ll be using more often, after how many people told me they never heard of hakia after my last story on them.
  • Drum roll, please: The Lisa has returned to the blogosphere! The We Build Pages blog launches today, and although it’s not totally ready per se, their vision sounds . . . well, freakin awesome.

  • Internet Entrepreneur

    Good links! Will check ’em out now!

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  • SoLinkable

    Does this mean that myspace is going to buy Hyver?

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  • Redundant Stock

    Very sorry to see myspace closing the netherlands office.

  • Vacation Rentals

    Nice List Jordan, Especially the Youtube One.

  • Cheryl

    Nothing like getting some linky goodness! Some good stuff on this list as usual!

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  • Norhafidz

    What, MySpace is pulling back? What happened Tom

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  • iPwner

    Google is doing a great job improving YouTube. Did you see that new audio feature they added? They actually did that because of a comic strip that someone made. They’re actually listening to us. :)

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    Great links, thanks will go over and check out the information.

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