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All right!! The tremors can stop, we’re back to the regularly scheduled LG that we all know and love!

  • I wish it were possible to purchase the GPhone without the contract. Then I would just unlock it and use it with another service and save a lot of $$$! You can buy those on eBay but people are selling them for a ridiculously high price.

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  • Jordan McCollum

    Actually, like I said above, the G1 is tuned to a frequency specific to T-mobile’s network only. So even if you “unlock” it (you’re allowed to do it with their contract after three months), there’s no other network that it’ll work on.

  • Well that sucks. Thanks for posting this here Jordan. A lot of people will do anything to make a few bucks. There are certain GPhone websites which sell products for unlocking your GPhone. What a scam! I advise everyone to stay away from these websites and save yourself some money.

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  • Regarding the third link , Reading the post in the washingtonpost, a spokeman said the price is as an incentive for customers to purchase a phone which has been requested by customers, and her’s they catch “Wal-Mart said it would start selling the touch-screen phone for $148.88 on Wednesday October 29 in about 550 stores for consumers who sign up for a two-year T-Mobile USA contract, and as more phones become available it will expand further.”
    Might be getting one???

  • Microsoft getting out of advertising may well just make good sense if they are serious about it. Yahoo deal is not to be written off yet though!

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  • The only thing still keeping Microsoft into advertising is their well known brand.
    Maybe this worked until now, but it won’t keep them up too long.

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  • Im not sure im sold on the G1 yet i think the iPhone still rules