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Linky linky goodness, readers, dear
Linky links will come to you all year
If I had one wish, then it would be
A post full of good links to you from me.

Oh, look, my wish came true!

  • PS3

    The right text ads can certainly catch the attention, although I personally tend to be drawn to animations.

    Here’s the irony though, if you can make a site rank well with poor content, aren’t visitors more likely to click on ads just to get away.

    So, my tip for the day, make your content rubbish!

  • I just noticed the Google image ads from this post, thanks for pointing that out. I have a gadgets website that gets many searches just because of the images. I put certain keywords on my images so I end up getting a lot of traffic. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that my visitors just come and then they leave! So there is no point in advertising in image search, it would be a big waste of money for advertisers.

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  • @PS3: I just noticed your comments. I think that’s a really ridiculous idea. Why would you want to make your content rubbish? Your visitors wouldn’t ever return to your website again. If you want your visitors to return and subscribe to your site, then you must have good content. Having good content pays. Having rubbish can also end up getting you banned from Google or not even get traffic from search engines at all.

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  • Seems like everyone is trying to make money with ads and I’m sure Google will make a ton of money from advertising in the images

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  • I think simple text ads are more popular than image and video ads as they are more straight to the point and quicker to load and navigate. They just tell exactly what it is you need, with no distracting sounds, pictures and backgrounds. Which is why they are more effective.

  • In a world where simple text ads are ruling the roost, one would have to say that quality content is important, even when referring to a text ad!

  • I HATE video ads… cheers for ABP.

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  • I’ve already seen Google Image Search Ads and they look PATHETIC!

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  • Text ads will continue to prosper as more and more surfers succumb to “banner blindness”.

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  • I’m a huge fan of text ads, they’re far more relevant. That’s one thing that I’m thankful for with Google, they still take the time to appreciate text.

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