Posted October 17, 2008 6:59 pm by with 13 comments

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From proposal to almost-marriage to messy breakup, their love affair dominated tech news for the first half of the year. Now that the Yahoo/Google deal has supplanted the proposed Yahoo/Microsoft merger in the public attention, it looks like Steve Ballmer’s getting a little lonely again. In a keynote earlier this week, the Microsoft CEO said:

We offered $33 bucks (for Yahoo) and it’s $11 today. It’s clear Yahoo didn’t want to sell. They probably still think it’s worth more than $33 a share.

I still think it makes sense for their shareholders and ours.

That evening, Carl Icahn, who long pushed for the deal, agreed with Ballmer:

I will say and I continue to say that sooner or later there’s got to be a deal with Microsoft and Yahoo of some type. I really believe that very strongly.

Meanwhile, as CNET reports, Yahoo’s shares jumped at the prospect.
But Microsoft corporate was quick to tell Yahoo, “Tough cookies.” Well, more accurately, they said, “Microsoft has no interest in acquiring Yahoo!; there are no discussions between the companies.”

What do you think—doth Microsoft protest too much?