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Yahoo’s unveiling a new display and radio ad campaign today. The campaign, which is targeted to fight Google, touts Yahoo’s safe results and easy-to-use interface.

One banner ad adjures us: “Don’t get lost in all the links”:
screen caps of yahoo\'s animated banner ad
two caps from an animated banner ad

A radio ad advertises the SafeSearch feature, which uses McAfee to indicate which sites in a SERP might contain potentially dangerous downloads:

The SafeSearch feature is nice, but again, if you have that info, why include dangerous sites in the results at all? And perhaps Yahoo is easier to use for some users. Which of the following two looks easier to use to you:
sample google serp


sample yahoo serp?

While the ads are cute and may even be accurate, I don’t know that these will be enough to convert users. Unless Yahoo has something truly substantial to backup its claim that it’ll help you not “get lost in all the links,” I don’t think the difference will be big enough to make people change their default behavior.

Google, meanwhile, is shopping around for ad agencies.


  • *cough* too little too late.

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  • Is it just me or does Yahoo seem to always come up with these amazing, world changing, great ideas about two weeks after Google does?

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  • Yup, I don’t think this enough to convert any Google user over to Yahoo!, sorry to bust their bubble. Lol!

  • Nor do I. Can’t blame them for trying though.

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  • MGA

    I don’t believe that offline advertising is going to help an online search engine.

  • Its very nice to hear that the alternatives of google are growing…

  • Darrhel

    just a thought… wasn’t yahoo used to be “powered by google”?
    hehe. anywaqys i already have macafee installed so why switch? it does that safesearch thingie on google too. cheers.