I’ll Give You $180 to Join Me at Pubcon Las Vegas

I’m thrilled to be asked to return as a speaker at Pubcon Las Vegas and I want all of you to join me!

Pubcon is one of my "must attend" marketing conferences of the year and it never fails to disappoint. Just in case you’ve not yet reserved your spot, I have a very special 20% discount (worth at least $180) to pass on to all of you.

Use "be-48020" when registering and you’ll get an instant 20% discount.

I’ll have more Pubcon updates to share soon, but I hope you won’t miss out on attending one of the top events of the year!

See you in Vegas!

Soleil-Media Metrics – Proof that Wall Street Just Doesn’t Understand Google

Yes, we’re facing tough economic times–a recession even–and, yes, Google’s going to feel the squeeze just like the rest of us. Still, it seems that some Wall Street analysts simply don’t understand what makes Google, Google.

Soleil-Media Metrics analyst Laura Martin cut her rating on Google to "Hold" from "Buy" and slashed her price target to $350 from $580…saying the company’s practice of giving 10 percent of profits to charity and giving employees one day a week to work on pet projects should end amid the current economic climate.

Those are two things that help define Google’s character. They are just some of the reasons why Google is great and we love ‘em. Martin demonstrates exactly why Google was reluctant to become a publicly listed company and why it doesn’t provide any financial estimates–some analysts look at the cold, hard numbers and not the company culture behind them.

SMX East: The Great Search Industry – The Big Water Story

By Brent D. Payne

As most of you have probably heard at this point, the IM Charity event was an all out blowout event in more than one way for me. I had the opportunity to meet several people that I had only met previously on Twitter, via SEOmoz, via IM, or via email. As part of this experience I had several that offered to buy me shots, strong drinks (beer and other drinks were free to attendees), etc. and I accepted their generosity.  I even had one guy buy me a shot just to cut in front of me in the bathroom line (yeah, it was that long). Needless to say the night got pretty crazy.

Online Advertising Stinks It Up Again With Paltry 15.6% Growth

Here we go again. The Interactive Advertising Bureau released the numbers for online marketing performance for the first half of 2008 and the verdict is in. Once again double digit growth sucks and everything is going to hell in a hand basket. I just thought I would let you know this so you can stop doing business in an industry that continues to grow.

The take on these numbers comes from the LA Times this time. Would you please indulge me in a quick question before I get to the story here? Since I am not a trained journalist I was wondering if it is actually taught to build a story using something I call the ‘Chicken Little Method’. It appears to work like this: The intro and first part of the story must state that everything is dire and then at the end of the story (which is read by far fewer folks than the open) you temper your ‘views’ with this crazy thing we like to call reality.

Linky Goodness, October 8 – Deluxe Edition

What’s so deluxe about today’s linky goodness? It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.

YouTube Unveils Click-to-Buy

Yet another monetization tactic from YouTube: click-to-buy. Through partnerships with companies like EMI and Electronic Arts, YouTube is adding links to iTunes and Amazon (DRM free) to download music and video games, with more options to come.

The links appear below videos from participating partners (such as this perennial classic from OK Go):
youtube click to buy links

And Google says there’s lots more to come:

This is just the beginning of building a broad, viable e-commerce platform for users and partners on YouTube. Our vision is to help partners across all industries — from music, to film, to print, to TV — offer useful and relevant products to a large, yet targeted audience, and generate additional revenue from their content on YouTube beyond the advertising we serve against their videos.

Linky Goodness, 7 October

We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
So you’ll have the news!

Now bring me some figgy pudding!