Exclusive: New Twitter Homepage Revealed?

At the Aloha Summit today, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone revealed the company’s plans to revamp the Twitter homepage to include saved searches and filtering.

Here’s a mock-up of how it might look:

Biz Stone of Twitter

Aloha Summit Kicks-off Today, Follow the Event on Twitter

Posting from me will be a little light today. The reason? Aloha Summit baby!

If you want to follow the action/tips you can do so by watching for the hashtag #aloha on Twitter.

You can also keep an eye on my Twitter updates here.

Ask and Ask Again. You’ll Probably Get the Same Old Answer

ask logoWell, it must be that time of year. You know when the leaves change colors and Ask changes their design? At some point they have to settle on something. They are actually starting to act like your “different” cousin who shows up at family functions with a new body piercing and a bad attitude just for shock value. You pay attention for a minute then you realize that it’s actually really sad that she doesn’t get it.

Ask.com is starting to feel that way in the realm of search engines. Once full of promise and ready to take on the big boys of search (which is now just one big boy and Ask partners with them anyway; dare to guess who?) they are now becoming a bit of a search sideshow. In today’s WSJ we learn that a new and improved Ask.com is on the horizon (see screenshot). There are two points that are interesting here. First is Barry Diller’s spin on this redesign:

Linky Goodness, October 3

Another song for the day, yes? “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Dog.” It’s what’s playing now on my computer.

Oh, and how can you beat this—now playing: “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Salute me. I’m about to rock. I know you’re jealous.

Friendster to Add Facebook App Compatibility

friendsterI have a little song for you today. It’s to the tune of “Oh Shenandoah.”

O-pen Social, you long to give us
A-a-apps, all open source
O-pen Social, you long to serve us
A-a-away you’re bound to go
‘Cause Facebook’s stealing your lunch

Okay, the last line might not fit so well in the song, but it looks to be happening in the real world. Yet another social network that had pledged its support to Open Social is adding compatibility with Facebook’s application language. Yes, first it was Bebo (in December) and now it’s Friendster.

Announced a year ago, Open Social is Google’s answer to Facebook’s then-proprietary social network app markup language. Designed as a cross-platform, open source language and set of standards, Open Social seemed pretty awesome at first.

A Reluctant Google Looks at Ad Agencies

You don’t see a lot of traditional advertising from Google. Their philosophy is to build great products and develop amazing technology and let it sell (and support) itself. Their marketing strategy has relied mostly on word of mouth – and its worked well. It just may not be enough for a company their size.

That is slowly changing. Google looks to be shopping for an ad agency. They’ve looked at Madison Avenue agencies like Wieden + Kennedy and Taxi New York. They’ve hired an agency for a campaign in Japan called “100 Things You Can Do With Google.” However, unlike many top brands Google ads aren’t running on prime time.

OMG! Live Search Cashback is Actually Effective!

As you know, I’m quick on the trigger when it comes to giving Microsoft’s search incentive programs a hard time. Well, I try to be fair and balanced. With that in mind (gulp), Live Search Cashback might actually be working!

You heard me. New data from Hitwise suggests that Microsoft’s master plan is showing signs of success.

Eleven weeks ago, MSN Cashback represented 3.75% of the traffic to Live.com and grew to 6.29% last week. This rise in Cashback’s traffic underscores the interest in the program, which is likely to be getting a boost from shoppers looking to save money and stretch their budgets given the current economic climate.

And, while Live Search is not showing any increased market share, it’s audience share is stable–suggesting that perhaps Live Search Cashback is helping!