Proof a Vicious Rumor Can Hurt Your Online Reputation

Time and time again, I hear businesses tell me they don’t need to monitor their online reputation because there’s not anything being written about them. Maybe you have a perfect reputation, maybe your business has thus far never encountered an online reputation attack, but I would be willing to bet that somewhere on the web, there is a vicious rumor circulating–and you don’t even know about it.

Want proof of just how quickly a false rumor can start and dramatically hurt your business?

Take a look at this false report about Apple CEO Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs was rushed to the ER just a few hours ago after suffering a major heart attack. I have an insider who tells me that paramedics were called after Steve claimed to be suffering from severe chest pains and shortness of breath.

Pilgrim’s Picks for October 3

Today was the first post-summer day where my office felt a little "chilly." I’m hoping for a quick rebound in temperatures. While I go outside and look for the sun, you can enjoy these Picks.

Exclusive: Who’s Really Taking Money from “Big Oil” this Election

There’s a lot of talk about the rising price of oil and both Presidential candidates have faced tough questions about their stance on everything from tax-breaks to windfall taxes.

After some investigative reporting, Marketing Pilgrim has dug deep to find out just who’s taking money from "Big Oil."

As far as online advertising goes, that’s either very creative or very dumb. You decide! ;-)

Have ADD? New Yahoo News Might Have the Solution for…Oh Look, a Butterfly!

A man walks down the street
He says why am I short of attention
Got a short little span of attention

Well, Betty, if you’re short on attention, you might just want to head over and check out the newly designed Yahoo News. In addition to some cosmetic changes, the new Yahoo News will attempt to customize your experience based upon how you find the site.

As TechCrunch explains:

Yahoo will will also pay attention to where its users are coming from – if a reader comes from Digg or Yahoo Buzz, only five paragraphs of their news stories will be shown initially, with the related links prominently featured (Yahoo figures that these readers are more likely to click through to new stories, and are less concerned with reading the full article). Readers who visit Yahoo News directly will be shown the full articles by default, and there will be an option for all readers to automatically show full articles.

Gphone Sold Out; More iPhone Killers to Come?

t-mobile g1, the first android phoneIt’s been just over a week since T-Mobile premiered the G1, the first cell phone with Google’s Android OS. Although the phone won’t be available for three more weeks, T-Mobile has already sold all of its preorder units.

That’s right, folks. The Gphone is sold out.

Of course, T-Mobile most likely set aside a significant number of G1s to be sold direct in stores. One report cited by Business Week said that T-Mobile expects to sell up to half a million G1s this quarter. Their order with the phone’s maker, HTC, naturally, is for a much higher number: 1.5 to 2 million.

As Unwired View points out, two million isn’t a whole lot compared to the iPhone’s early predictions (10 million). But considering the amount of competition we’ll be likely to see among Android handsets, it’s probably plenty.

Apple Threatens to Shut Down iTunes

Musicians and their labels want Apple to increase the amount they make per digital music download. Apple says they would rather shut down iTunes music store. They are turning down a request for an increase of six more cents per song for music publishers and songwriters.

Apple has insisted on keeping the price at 99 cents per download arguing that any price increase above that will make them unprofitable. The Copyright Royalty Board is scheduled to decide on the proposal by a three-person board appointed by the Librarian of Congress by Thursday. Music publishers want their cut to go from 9 cents to 15 cents per song – a 66 percent increase.

Pilgrim’s Picks for October 2 – Last Chance Edition

OK, you’re running out of time, if you want to:

  1. Have a chance to win an Acer Aspire One nebook computer.
  2. Learn cutting edge social media marketing tactics from the world’s top gurus.

That said, you have plenty of time left to enjoy these Picks: