Pilgrim’s Picks for October 17 – Pre-Vacation Edition

I’m going on vacation. Ner, ner, nah, ner ner! :-)

Tomorrow I take on the arduous role of official photographer for Go Visit Hawaii. Yes, for 8 nights I have to follow my lovely wife around Hawaii as she collects new material for her popular blog. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! :-P

I’ll have a few posts up over the next week, but you can expect some great stuff from Jordan and our team of superb writers while I’m gone.

While you plot how to tie me up and steal my plane ticket, I’ll leave you with today’s Picks:

Yahoo Profiles Evolve into a Social Network

The email said…

cody simms (Cody) wants to connect to you on Yahoo! Once connected, you will be able to view cody simms (Cody)’s profile and easily share stuff like updates, interests, and more.

To connect to cody simms (Cody), click here: http://profiles.yahoo.com/accept/…..


The Yahoo! Team

And I clicked……"delete."

My first thought was, "Yahoo doesn’t have a social network, I’m not clicking on that link." You see, while there’d been much talk of Yahoo either building a social network–or buying one–I’d simply forgotten about it. Honestly, most of my recent thoughts about Yahoo have been along the lines of "I wonder who will buy Yahoo now?"

Twitter’s Ev Williams Says, Hit the Road Jack

Proving that just because you came up with the great idea, doesn’t mean you can run the company, Twitter has announced that Jack Dorsey will step down as CEO and Ev Williams will take his place.

We’re entering a new phase now and there are new kinds of challenges ahead. Healthy companies acknowledge the need for change even during the best of times. As Twitter grows both internally and externally, we took a good look at our path forward and saw the need for a focused approach from a single leader.

Google Beats Q3 Estimates

Google’s had a tough time over the last couple years, with Wall Street Analysts expecting almost exponential growth. When they first missed estimates, growing only 58% in Q2 2007 (the losers), some analysts thought it was the beginning of the end.

While they’ve bounced back from time to time (such as Q1 2008), Google is probably pretty happy to finally be sticking it to the analysts where it hurts the most—the bottom line—as they post an estimate-beating Q3, with 31% YOY growth in revenues. Paid clicks were up 18% YOY

Business Week reports on the earnings call, as well. Highlights include the Q&A session, which focused heavily on the current state of the economy:

G1 Gphone Reviews Are In: As Good As the iPhone, Or Not Quite Ready?

t-mobile g1 gphoneThe first reviews of T-Mobile’s new G1 “Gphone” are in—and it’s at least as good as the iPhone, if the initial reviewers are to be believed. And considering who some of these reviewers are, it’s probably true.

What’s the consensus? While it’s not a bad little device, T-Mobile’s 3G coverage sucks (20, soon to be 30 cities), the phone should have a better media player and a standard headphone jack, the keyboard is a nice feature but not the easiest to use, not enough built in storage. But Android appears to be pretty solid as a mobile OS, and if the G1 isn’t the most impressive premiere ever, it’s probably a harbinger of good things to come.

Here are some of the bottom lines of the reviews from around the Internet:

Pilgrim’s Picks for October 16 – Book Winners Edition

Apparently a lot of you would like to learn how to make your "Content Rich" because our book contest had a lot of entries. Did you win? Find out after these Picks.

Google Display Ad Builder; More Cheesy Ads Coming Your Way

Either the analysts are wrong about the declining trends for display ads, or Google knows something they don’t know. Today, Google launches its AdWords display ad builder, making it idiot-proof to build you own banner ads and share them across the Google network.

The new tool lets you create customized display ads with your own text, images, and logo. You can also change colors and backgrounds. Google will even take the ad you built and automatically create ads in different sizes! You won’t necessarily have the snazziest display ads in the neighborhood, but you’ll get to play.

Google has put together a quick video of its new ad builder: