Pilgrim Picky Goodness, October 24

So little good news, so much time. Erm, strike that. Reverse it. We have so much news that it’s an uber edition of Pilgrim Picky Goodness—Pilgrim’s Picks and Linky Goodness all rolled into one. (And, happily, LG will be back in its same bat time, same bat channel next week!)

That’s the update; enjoy your weekend. And if I were Kevin Nealon, that would certainly be news to me!

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    MySpace may be lagging in some aspects, but where is music in Facebook?

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    A fighter for Google. Hah. They heave so much money that they must buy something to cut back the taxes.

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    Fighter jet! Lol. Whats Next?! Nuclear Weapon?

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  • http://www.ipwner.net/ipwner iPwner

    I’ll have to check out TypePad now that they’re allowing post slugs.

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