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Reno Turns His Back on HalloweenHappy Halloween!

Basically, you have two choices this evening.

  1. Turn on all your lights and spend 2 hours praising little kids’ costumes, while they take all the good candy.
  2. Turn off all the lights and eat the candy yourself.

I’m not revealing which option I’m taking this year, but don’t be surprised if I have chocolate around my mouth when I wake up on Saturday. :-)

Today’s Picks are especially spooky*

*Spookiness is not guaranteed, your experience may vary. 😉

  • Sheila

    Oh! Reno is such a handsome little boy!

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  • Xbox

    Thanks, pretty cool. Looking forward to tonight Halloween got my costume today

  • Frank Reed

    Wiener dogs rock.

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  • Ami Ohayon

    Spooky-ish, but not really spooky enough … can I get a refund?

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  • Saad Kamal

    Hope you had a Gr8 Halloween Andy :)

    Google has a sense of humor!

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  • SoLinkable

    Google’s zombie joke is ingenious. They have such a good sense of humour for a major corporation

  • MB Web Design

    Loved the zombie reference in robots.txt. Have they done similar pranks in the past?

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  • Abdul

    Hmmm… the IAB’s five measures I wonder when they take shape, better be soon!

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  • cat

    I would prefer to eat all the candys myself and I don’t like to be bothered

  • Chaitanya Patel

    Happy Halloween and as matt said they don’t have any brain products than why they need to disallow…

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  • savings

    Hi Andy,Better late than never, Happy halloween. The lads in Google are such fully geeks..

  • Galin

    Thanks for such a nice suggestions on spending this great festive. I enjoyed it so much!

  • Goran Web Design

    Did you see the Obama carved halloween pumpkins? Here’s the link:

  • iPod

    That is quite impressive Goran!
    My costume this halloween was below par.

  • savings

    Thanks Goran, they’re amazing. I dressed up like a clown at a our outing, did you get up to anything nice?