Posted October 16, 2008 8:07 am by with 11 comments

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Two requests continue to dominate the list of new features you’d like to see added to Trackur’s online media monitoring service.

  1. Some way of measuring the influence of a web site.
  2. The option to keep notes on a web site that discusses your brand.

Well, we just knocked it out of the park with the introduction of the new Trackur Influence dashboard and our new TrackurRank scoring system.

With Trackur Influence, you’ll now have valuable influence information, right at your fingertips. Here’s what we can now tell you about every single site that mentions your brand:

  • How many backlinks, social media mentions, estimated traffic, and, the biggy, how often that blogger/news site mentions the keyword you’re tracking.
  • With a sprinkling of magic dust, we then distill that down to a TrackurRank out of 100. A rank of 5 and the site is not likely to influence your reputation. A rank of 50 or above, and you might want to take notice.
  • Just for good measure, we also show you a screenshot of the site AND let you add your own notes. Great for keeping tabs on whether a blogger has something interesting to say or making a note of a follow-up needed by your team!

The news gets even better–we’re keeping the price at just $18 a month! Seriously! The same type of social media influence measurement tools you’d normally pay thousands for, yours for just $18 a month! But wait! Order in the next 5 mins….OK, enough with my excitement. 😉

Trackur Influence (in beta, of course) is available right now— just look for the link when you expand any search result.

If you’ve not already taken the free 14-day trial, maybe now is a good time to give it a try. If your free trial has already expired, but you’re dying to try Trackur Influence, drop us an email and we’ll set the clock back to zero for you.