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Proving that just because you came up with the great idea, doesn’t mean you can run the company, Twitter has announced that Jack Dorsey will step down as CEO and Ev Williams will take his place.

We’re entering a new phase now and there are new kinds of challenges ahead. Healthy companies acknowledge the need for change even during the best of times. As Twitter grows both internally and externally, we took a good look at our path forward and saw the need for a focused approach from a single leader.

While the board of directors and the company have nothing but praise for where Jack has taken us, we also agree that the best way forward is for Jack to step into the role Chairman, and for me to become CEO. Jack will remain on the board and be closely consulted for all strategic decisions, while I take on day-to-day operations with the support of Biz, Jason, Greg, and the rest of this impressive Twitter team.

Sure, it sounds amicable–which is the norm in these situations–but you can’t help but think that investors were perhaps disappointed with Jack’s leadership of Twitter. After all, three years in and Twitter still hasn’t found a revenue model that matches its Silicon Valley hype.

I’m sorry, but I suspect that it will be only a matter of months before we hear of Jack Dorsey leaving his new role as Chairman to “explore other opportunities” or “spend more time with his family.”

Jack, no hard feelings. Thanks for the awesomeness that is called Twitter.

  • Joe Hall

    Well, I wonder if we will start to see twitter actually turning a profit? I hope so, I always feel kinda uneasy adopting a service or platform for daily use, that doesn’t have a viable revenue stream.

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  • Jacques Snyman

    Ouch! However, he ain’t short of money for his efforts, so turning over the reins to hopefully start turning over a profit seems the right thing to do…

  • Nicole Price

    Whatever the motive, it makes sense that someone who cannot possibly manage a large enterprise makes room for someone who can.

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  • Don Draper

    I predicted this two months ago: “You can always spot a VC funded startup in trouble. The founder/CEO gets a new business card that says ‘Architect’ or ‘Visionary'”.

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  • atlanta wedding photographer

    The key is to know your role. There is never an issue to know that you can start things off and hand them to those who can run it. Sometimes, you fall in love with your “baby” so much you don’t know when it is time to let it go out on it’s own. However, you are right in thanking him for the awesomeness.

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  • Utah SEO Pro

    Good point. Should be a good change then..maybe?

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  • Downloadic

    You are totally right that The key is to know your role.

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  • Matt Helphrey

    Too bad for Jack. I second the thanks for bringing us Twitter though.

    Im sure he’ll lead a good life wherever he goes and whatever he decides to do if Twitter doesn’t work out.

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  • iPwner

    I wonder how Twitter makes revenue. It has no ads that I see anywhere! There have been rumors that Twitter may start adding premium membership on Twitter.

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