Posted October 21, 2008 4:24 pm by with 7 comments

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Despite Google’s headway inside the Beltway, the Yahoo/Google ad deal is still under government review—or, more technically, stalled while the government considers reviewing the deal. Yesterday, CNET reported that Google and Yahoo extended the deadline for the government’s review of their still-pending ad deal. The deadline was tomorrow, and that was already after one extension from October 8. The new deadline is set for sometime before Thanksgiving. What I want to know is—how do I get a deal like that, where I tell the government when they can and can’t tell me what to do?

Anyway, with the ad still under prereview, it looks as though it may never go through at all, according to (via Silicon Alley Insider):

Assistant Attorney General Tom Barnett met on Oct. 17 with lawyers for the parties for the second time in two weeks. The bottom line of the meeting was grim, said one lawyer who asked not to be identified. . . .

The DOJ could file a complaint seeking a preliminary injunction on the agreement even as the parties assess their options. Antitrust lawyers said the government would have to clear a high hurdle to win a preliminary injunction. But it is even less likely that Google and Yahoo! would want to battle the government in court over such a controversial deal, particularly while the financial market is so precarious, the lawyer said.

What do you think—Deal or No Deal?