Posted October 2, 2008 10:54 am by with 18 comments

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There’s a new mantra at YouTube these days.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep showing ads until you do!

Considering the success Google has enjoyed with AdWords, you’d think it would have figured out how to make YouTube advertising a smash hit by now. Unfortunately, despite testing every conceivable type of ad, YouTube is still struggling to find success.

The latest attempt to get us to click on video ads comes by way of new post-roll ads. As NewTeeVee reports:

As we understand it (and this has been confirmed with the company), if you don’t click on an overlay ad when it shows up in a clip you’re watching, the video ad it would have played rolls automatically at the end of your video. Previously a post-roll video wouldn’t play without being initiated by the user. This type of ad started rolling out over the last few weeks.

So please, have a heart. Show you care! Click on an ad and save a life us from any more ad inserts.

Here’s what to look for: