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There’s a new mantra at YouTube these days.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep showing ads until you do!

Considering the success Google has enjoyed with AdWords, you’d think it would have figured out how to make YouTube advertising a smash hit by now. Unfortunately, despite testing every conceivable type of ad, YouTube is still struggling to find success.

The latest attempt to get us to click on video ads comes by way of new post-roll ads. As NewTeeVee reports:

As we understand it (and this has been confirmed with the company), if you don’t click on an overlay ad when it shows up in a clip you’re watching, the video ad it would have played rolls automatically at the end of your video. Previously a post-roll video wouldn’t play without being initiated by the user. This type of ad started rolling out over the last few weeks.

So please, have a heart. Show you care! Click on an ad and save a life us from any more ad inserts.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Chris McElroy aka NameCritic

    Kind of hard for google to tell advertisers how well adsense works if they can’t make it work on a website they own. I’d consider that a real problem.

    Chris McElroy aka NameCritic’s last blog post..New Location!

  • SoLinkable

    Oh wow. This seems to be a pretty serious move by them, they must really be dying for clicks…

    SoLinkable’s last blog post..Unprepared For Divide_By_Zero – The Daily WTF

  • Ted Murphy

    I’m getting a .01% clickthrough in my run-of-site ads on AdWords. 1 out of 10k viewed ads result in a click through.

    They’re inexpensive keywords, so I end up paying a $0.10 cpm to Google. The web publisher gets less.

  • kouji

    i do hope they find a way to monetize sufficiently. would be a shame for youtube to have to do something drastic, when the service is really useful.

    kouji’s last blog post..haiku poem: nature (sand)

  • Ryan @ Recording Studio Los Angeles Recording Studios LA

    LOL thats great you’re very witty.
    I do enjoy your post!!!

    I’m on to the next,

  • SEO next

    1) They are not low paying keywords… infact youtube now ranks on some of the heighest paying keywords as well…
    And as far as Ads are concerned.. i think G is being partial here… Will they allow us to do a similar thing with adsense ?

  • Zurpit

    Haha this is too funny, people should start clicking ads more so there isn’t an ad to watch on every video

  • Paid Survey Guy

    It looks like Google’s getting desperate now, they did pay Over $1 billion dollars for it, so they have to get their money back somehow, I just hope they don’t ruin YouTube with too much advertising.

    Paid Survey Guy’s last blog post..Take Surveys And Get Paid

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Poor YouTube…they just can’t get it together! Well hey, if they have to incorporate the ads in the videos, they have a right to. It is a free service and they have to properly monetize if we want to continue to use it.

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  • Nicole Price

    Have a heart? Show that I care? Most of the ads do not deserve to be seen.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Hypermiling

  • Christmas Guy

    I think it is rather great Google move. I think I will participate in. Why not?

    Christmas Guy’s last blog post..We Wish You a Merry Christmas Lyrics

  • Dennis Edell

    Wait for it, it’s coming….”Now only 99cents for every 5 uploads”

    Dennis Edell’s last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  • Jacques Snyman

    Monetizing YouTube has been notoriously difficult. Good luck to them.

  • QuickPWN

    If people start click ads more why would Google want to make YouTube have less ads? Google would just keep putting in more ads so that they would make more.

    QuickPWN’s last blog post..Install Flash Player iPhone App

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  • Check Page Rank

    Youtube is extremely unlucky. People are to busy watching the vids and ads are not worth their time. Not to mention they need to spend $xxx,xxx per month to keep the site going and only a few misplaced people are clicking the ads.

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