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Congratulations to president-elect Barack Obama–the runaway winner of the 2008 presidential elections.

Congratulations to John McCain–who fought a battle he could not win and still left the stage with a speech that showed his class.

Speaking of which. Google has released a list of what users where searching, immediately after the results were in–and McCain’s speech was more sought after than Obama’s.

Here’s the top 10:

1. mccain concession speech
2. did prop 8 pass
3. mccain concedes
4. obama acceptance speech
5. california election results 2008
6. obama elected president
7. 44th president
8. california proposition 8
9. obama won
10. california secretary of state

I’m willing to bet that Google had a great night–with many folks hitting the world’s #1 search engine for their political updates.

And, if they weren’t using Google, they were certainly helping achieve record-breaking traffic numbers. They tell us that attracted more than 27 million unique visitors yesterday, generated more than 276 million page views and served an additional 6.7 million on-demand video streams.

But, perhaps the biggest winner was me–I got to vote in my first US presidential election AND ate a free Krispy Kreme donut afterwards! 🙂

  • Wonder if I got a half of that traffic, just can’t imagine how it would be 😀

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  • Congrats to Obama, McCain, Google, CNN & even you Andy! BTW, sorry to let you down but I don’t think the free doughnut is a regular US tradition! Although, we could make it one!

    Did anyone else vote for me for sheriff?

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  • Good for you … I’m always surprised how many people don’t vote, and I’ve never understood that.

  • I heard they are actually looking into some of those companies that are giving away stuff for voting. They were saying that it gives voters some type of incentive. The things this country concerns itself with…

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  • The CNN numbers are staggering, aren’t they? Congrats on your first US election. Who has done the study so far on whether Starbucks, Krispy Kreme or some other chain won?

  • @Joe – they should allow us to vote at a Starbucks or Krispy Kreme, so we only have to stand in one line!

    @Go Green – I heard that Starbucks had to offer free coffee to everyone as some states had laws that prevented voter incentives.

    @George – I’m guessing Starbucks had a Venti of a day. 😉

  • im sure CNN got TONS of unique visits. among other news sites. finally social news can get back to normal.

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  • Mmmm… Krispy Kreme. I’m sorry, what was this post about? Oh, I put an election map on my site from Google and somehow wound up #5 in Google search results for “live election map.” My traffic went from about 40 uniques per day to almost 500. Twas a busy day. I like glazed the best!

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  • If only a year or two ago I decided to target some of those keywords. I could have built up authority and got a lot of traffic!

  • I am really glad for Obama! Who could imagine some years ago that the 44th President of the USA will be African American? I hope all the promises he has given before factual elections will come true and he will not give up.

  • I think I should make new posts on my blog with keyword ” Obama won”,

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  • It seems so weird how McCain’s speech is beating out Obama in the online war… I know I only wanted to see Obama speak. I didn’t really care what McCain had to say…

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  • Congrats To Obama! Looking forward to see some “changes” in US.

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  • Yup, I was one of those who increased traffic on It was a great historic moment and no one wanted to miss it.

    Well done again to Barack Obama, he’s an extraordinary man.

  • Congratulations America on making the correct decision.

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  • Well google had traffic, CNN also had a share of the traffic. But “OBAMA” took the highest in terms of numbers of voters..136 million voters – a record number- is that amazing!

  • Congratulations To OBAMA

  • This shows the influence of US searches on Google!

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  • I tried to find Governor Palin’s reaction and am most disappointed that there has been none!

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  • I’d be interested to know what the numbers were for the other major news sites. How did MSNBC do? What about Fox News? Did they compare to CNN?

    Since Democrats are proven to be more likely to be getting information from online sources, I’m willing to bet the more liberal-leaning sites found better results than the conservative ones.

    Congrats to Obama on a great campaign.

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  • Whoa those numbers are staggering, that’s amazing that in one night they got so much traffic. Too bad its not election night every night.

  • Congrats indeed! In South Africa we’re on our third black president already, and things are looking rosey indeed!

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  • PS3

    Is there a tool out there that would give search information like this, or is that something that Google only release selectively?

  • Congratulations Mr. Obama, I’m wait the Change!

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  • im sure CNN got TONS of unique visits. among other news sites. finally social news can get back to normal.

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