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By Taylor Pratt

Looking to monetize your Twitter efforts? Well now you can! Thanks to Be-A-Magpie, Twitter’s spam filters (or lack thereof) will be put to the ultimate test!

Be-A-Magpie will pay you to insert ads into your tweet stream. Advertisers will pay a Twitter user on a cost-per-thousand impression basis, and are tailored to your Twitter audience by analyzing your Twitter messages and matching keywords to various advertisers. Magpie advertisers can bid on a particular keyword and the winning bid will be shown in a person’s tweet.

By default, “Magpie-tweets” are inserted once every five tweets, but you can create a range anywhere from one Magpie-tweet per 20 tweets or as often as one Magpie-tweet per tweet.

As TechCrunch pointed out, it will be interesting to see whether or not Twitter will object to this, as Be-A-Magpie is not affiliated with Twitter.

I personally would hate to see my Twitter stream fill up with this kind of spam. At any rate, this will give me a reason to clean up my follow list on Twitter should it really take off. What do you think of Be-A-Magpie? Would you unfollow someone because they are using it?

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • PLEASE!!! Can we not do this crazy stuff… i don’t want to ruin another perfectly good service with all the spammers. I prefer to spam it for myself 🙂

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  • Twitter is getting beat to the punch. Web 2.0 needs to find a revenue stream and they need to find it fast. These sorts of experiments need to come from the companies themselves. Some will work, some will not. What, you thought everything-free forever was a business model? Maybe in 2008, not in 2009.

  • I suppose if someone really abuses the advertising system I would remove them from my follow list. Start posting useless info to get the number of ads up would bother me greatly.

    george brandt’s last blog post..Blogging Influence Demands Up to the Minute Niche Intelligence

  • New advertising mediums are always cool to see how they will do, but I agree that will totally make you clean up who you follow and it would get really annoying to receive a ton of MagPie tweets all the time.