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When is a hiring freeze not a hiring freeze?

The answer? When Google is the company that’s decided to hold off from hiring any new employees, yet won’t admit it.

According to CNBC:

A spokesperson at the company says there has been no freeze on hiring, but several executives I have spoken with who have hiring responsiblity said it was made clear to them one month ago they were to make no new hires, including at the secretarial level and they were Google Headquarters
Paul Sakuma / AP directed to fill all vacancies with internal candidates. In effect, they term it an unofficial hiring freeze.

An “unofficial hiring freeze?”

Keep that self-denial in mind as you approach the holidays. The extra 5 pounds of weight you’ll likely gain? Yeah, just call it “unofficial” weight gain and no one will be able to tell that you’re up a notch on your belt. 😉

  • If companies aren’t laying off they’re reducing their hiring. I’m sure Google has done the same.

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  • I am sure there is a good reason why Google makes no new hires. But the main question is why Google management denies this clear fact. Any ideas??

  • I’m guessing they don’t want to show the public that they are facing financial troubles by admitting they aren’t hiring

  • What if they already have the “smartest” people they need ….and thus..they dont want to increase their cost by hiring new employees atm.

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  • I think Google is avoiding having to cut down on staff at a later stage by not hiring new staff. They don’t want to increase their costs and probably have sufficient staff already reaching the required productivity standard on all operations.

  • Not sure if this is newsworthy if not for the fact it demonstrates even the largest companies are feeling the pinch at the moment.

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  • If companies aren’t laying off they’re reducing their hiring. I’m sure Google has done the same.But cutting down staffs in Google means nothing compared to the global shake up.

  • It seems like not even the great Google is recession proof! Ouch!

  • PS3

    Nice play on words the headline, “The Nile” 🙂