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By Taylor Pratt

The Google Analytics Blog announced today that they are opening up a new forum within Google Help to assist you in finding answers to your Google Analytics problems quickly. Not only will users be able to get advice from Google Analytics employees, other Google Analytics users will be able to answer your questions as well.

By opening up the forums for all users to contribute, the GA team hopes that problems/questions will be resolved in a more timely manner. The forum will also allow users to vote on the best answers, so that users can easily identify valuable information. A list of “related questions” will also appear as you create a new thread.

I spoke to John Henson of LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, about Google opening up the forums for all users to contribute.

Being able to quickly recognize when a question has been answered will save time in all directions. The experts answering the questions will more quickly find questions that still need answered instead of delving into every one. Due to lack of time, on the old groups I would often only look at posts that had no responses to answer. Now that I can easily see when a question doesn’t have an accepted answer, I’m more likely to be able to key in on those and address the problems without wasting time. And searchers won’t have to waste time looking through a thread of 20 posts, all just chiming in that they have the same issue. Instead they can go right to the answer (easily distinguished), and also have a quick indication of the trust level they should give to that answer based on how many people voted it as answering the question, and the level of the answerer.

The old Analytics Help Group is closed for additional posts, but may still be accessed for informational searches.

What do you think of the new GA forums?

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • Really helpful !!!!

  • I use Google Analytics all of my websites. But i dont read anyting in that forum or blog. And i dont understand how it s helpful.

  • There is not much to it is there? Stick a bit of code on your website and read the manual in case you are not sure what something is. The forum will probably fill up with FAQ over and over again.

  • It is well worth installing, even without considering it is free, Analytics is a pretty unbeatable tool

  • Glad to see them reaching out to help and to listen to issues.

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  • At last!!

    Sometimes I do wasted alot of time wandering around Google Analytics trying to figure out the actual usage and source for that function.

    I hope the forum could be another great place for us to voice our opinions to make Analytics better in any ways..

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  • Great feature. Finally I will be able to use Google Analytics for all 100 %. It will be really useful!