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By Taylor Pratt

Last night Google released an update for Chrome that featured a new bookmarking manager. The same bookmarking manger was released a few weeks ago to the developer version of Chrome. While Chrome’s new bookmarking manager is a huge improvement over their previous release, I’m in agreement with Lifehacker that it is still second fiddle to Firefox 3’s bookmarking tool. Chrome’s bookmarking manager still lacks the use of tags and smart folders. To update Chrome to the latest build, select “About Google Chrome” in the settings drop down menu, and click on the update button.

google chrome bookmarking manager

In addition to the bookmarking update, ExtremeTech crowned Chrome the speed king of the major web browsers. Competing against Firefox, Opera, IE7 and Safari, Chrome stood far ahead of the rest in ExtremeTech’s scoring algorithm (with Firefox finishing in second ahead of Opera).

Until Chrome supports the plugins I’m accustomed to, it isn’t practical for me to make the switch regardless of how fast Chrome is. However, I’ve always found that Google products run exceptionally faster in Chrome, and as a result, I find myself using it frequently. How often do you find yourself using Chrome? Has Chrome become your default browser?

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • Chrome is my default browser because nothing else is nearly as clean and fast, though I still use Firefox for some sites (Constant Contact) and for its cool SEO plugins. IE is a dinosaur; I never even open it anymore.

  • I’m waiting for it to come to the Mac, then it will become the browser I use purely for Google Apps.

  • I use Chrome for almost all of my browsing. I use Firefox just when I want to Stumble something. I use IE just for work’s Outlook web email.

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  • It’s good to see Google chrome coming out with additional features. It still has a long way to go to catch up with firefox but I think it is a really cool browser.

  • Hawaii SEO

    Chrome… What a joke! – Let me know when they can put their own toolbar on it.

  • Toolbars are overrated for every page request for me, but speed isn’t. That’s why Chrome became my default browser. If I need a toolbar or plugin I’ll crank up Firefox (which is my slowest browser). Other than that, Chrome does what I need faster than the others. Just my preference.

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  • I like Chrome a lot. I’ve made it my default. There are a few plugins I’m missing from Firefox, but I’ve found my way around most of them with bookmarklets (, gmail-this, addthis, and googleshare). Mostly I have to go old skool on screenshots with printscreen and photo editor.

    I also moved most of my bookmarks into about 5 folders on my toolbar so now everything is within reach. I’m not a toolbar fan anyway.

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  • Thanks for the info. Chrome could do with an update warning too, I would have missed this update if it were not for this article.

  • Jeff Moore

    I made Chrome my default browser. It starts way faster than Firefox…I find that web pages load faster and I instantly fell in love with the clean look and feel. Tool bars are overrated. That said it would be nice if Google would give you the opportunity to add the Google Books Marks button to the address bar (like you can the home page icon) as I use 2-3 computers on a daily basis. For now I just load them in the iGoolge page and keep the tab to the side. not quite as easy but well worth it.

  • Chrome is cool, but still use FireFox. I really love what they’ve done with the bookmarking features. I only use IE to check and make sure my sites/pages are showing right for most normal users.

  • Googl chrome is o.k. no bad at all. But i feel bad thing about the need of firefox.

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  • joe

    There is a FREE version of the Chrome Code by a german company. but without googleupdater, with ad-blocking, and without a number of privacy invading settings:

    It is called:
    SRWare Iron

  • Of course Chrome wants to make bookmarking as easy as possible. It’s great data for them.

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  • I really love what they’ve done with the bookmarking features. Chrome is cool, but still use FireFox. I only use IE to check and make sure my sites/pages are showing right for most normal users.

  • It is great for Google chrome offering new additional features. Chrome is my default browser for a long time. Its main advantages are clean and fresh display, easy and fast usage along with impressive speed.