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Best practices for bloggersBy Kevin Muldoon

Google has recently added a new page to their Best Practices area specifically for bloggers.

The guide gives bloggers some basic Search Engine Optimisation tips like linking to internal pages within your blog and adding a sitemap to your blog. However it also gives advice on a lot of non-SEO issues like promotion and encourages bloggers to ‘Write well and often‘.

Here is a quick summary of what Google suggests bloggers should do :

Create great content

  • Write well and often
  • Follow the webmaster guidelines
  • Categorize your posts
  • Make sure users (and crawlers) can easily find your blog
  • If necessary, limit comment spam
  • Check our tips for affiliate sites

Make sure readers and crawlers can find your content

  • Create descriptive titles for each of your posts
  • Connect with your online community
  • Publish a feed of your content

Your blog and Webmaster Tools

  • Add your blog to your Webmaster Tools account
  • Verify your blog
  • Submit a Sitemap

I know that blogging is an incredibly popular medium but I find it strange how they have only written a guide for bloggers. Perhaps they will extend this section at a later date and include tips for forum owners etc.

The guide doesn’t cover anything which experienced webmasters will not know but it’s a useful guide nonetheless and one which I’m sure will help new bloggers.

Link : Creating a Google-friendly site: Best practices for bloggers

Kevin Muldoon is the owner of Blogging Tips, a blog dedicated to helping bloggers succeed online.

  • Though this might not be new info to us Internet savvy folks, it might be very useful information to Joe the Blogger (couldn’t resist). I think it is great that Google is putting out these guides to help webmasters.

    pratt’s last blog post..Going to Pubcon?

  • I agree. Particularly the parts about the sitemap and internal linking.

  • @Pratt. lol…”Joe the Blogger” That’s funny. lol. Everyone always gets excited though when Google puts out some info…as if it’s going to give us the key to unlocking the “algorithm”. Novice, but many don’t get the easy things.

  • “Write well and often”… would be nice to have often defined clearly. It’s the Blogger’s Catch-22, readers want high quality posts only as frequently as you have something of quality to share, while search engines seem to favor blogs which hammer out tons of frequent postings despite some being drivel or nothing more than quick link lists.

    Scott Bannon’s last blog post..Looking Back and Thinking Forward

  • I agree with Scott and you can only write so much on a given day when the sites with high PR ranking merely post a picture and leave a witty comment ex: perez hilton.

    Eric Sornoso’s last blog post..Michael Jordan Shattering The Backboard

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  • Wow, very interesting and informative. It’s quite thoughtful of Google to publish this. Will give it a thorough read once I have enough time to.

  • I agree with you Scott. It should just say ‘Write Often’. The search engines can’t determine what is a good article and what isn’t, all they see is another page to index.

    Kevin Muldoon’s last blog post..Blog Marketing: How to Use Holiday Down Time to Grow Your Blog Traffic

  • Kevin, I have the same question. Google can’t measure which one best, good or bed articles. It’s simply an automated robots – crawling the whole web. Even, I checked lots of famous site – when they using more and more subtitle inside the posts – that’s skipped by google search engine. i have no idea about it.

    Kevin thanks to share with us and noted some good points.

  • There you have it.. Google do care for bloggers after all.. That shows that I need to write often as well.

    Erwin Tan’s last blog post..Unleashing The Niche Genius In You