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The last time I wrote about issues with Google’s new Android mobile phone OS, I received many comments reminding me that even Apple had problems when it launched the iPhone.

So, with "it could happen to anyone" in mind, let’s take a look at the latest bug facing Android owners.

Save anything you’re working on (this will reboot your phone!), open the keyboard tray on your G1, ignore anything you see on the screen, and type these 8 keystrokes: <return>-r-e-b-o-o-t-<return>. Poof, your phone will reboot.

Not exactly a bug many people will run up against, but keep this in mind the next time you text you type "explode" on your G1–you never know what might happen. 😉

  • LOL, funny!

    Well I’d like to try “Free Airtime”!

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  • @Saad – LOL

  • There was something like this for Google Chrome as well. If you typed in a specific sequence of keys then it crashed!

  • LOL, typw r-e-b-o-ot your G1 will reboot, type explode, and guess what, nothing will happen. But You will throw that G1 😀

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  • i wonder if “s-e-l-f-d-e-s-t-r-u-c-t” works?

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  • Hahahahahah….reminds me of hidden weapons and powers being unlocked by cheats in games. Maybe some of these bugs are kind of a programmer’s revenge?

  • This seems like a rather large bug to miss…

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  • BrightShadow

    Using RC29, I didn’t notice this to be the case. Perhaps when someone specifically puts their phone in root mode, this could be an issue, but even for people who hack their phones they do not leave it on root.
    When someone uses the root access on their phone, it may be an issue, but one typically would do this simply to change one thing, or install some linux software. I believe as soon as you restart your phone it would no longer be an issue. Basically this is pretty phony.

  • Hahahaha!! Sounds to me like someone had a lot of fun inserting all sorts of hidden secrets in this phone.. I can just see some bored sod typing in all manner of rndom commands, just to see what happens

  • Haha love it.

    The G1 is a strangely designed phone but the interface will open the door for many better advances.

  • would be the button of self-destruction? 🙂

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  • Well, perhaps Google Android is a cubic rubic for developers

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  • I had a chance to play around with this phone for a day before buying it and I ended up changing my mind and bought something else instead. That was even before the reboot issue 😀

  • I like this phone indeed. I am going to get it for a day from my friend to look at it closer and check all the options available. If it is as good as I think now I will buy it for sure.

  • PS3

    That’s nice galin but nothing to do with the topic at hand 🙂

  • There was something like this for Google Chrome as well. If you typed in a specific sequence of keys then it crashed!

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