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Here’s living proof that you should monitor the web for customer feedback. When you do, you’ll sometimes learn innovative ways they’re using your product.

Take this review of Trackur by Mark Thompson. He (brilliantly) explains how he uses Trackur as a link building tool! Huh? I hear you ask. Here’s what he has to say (emphasis added)…

…I have found this brand management tool to be a great way to find sites to get links from. Just by entering keywords you are looking to rank for or are related to your industry, you can identify hundreds of sites that could potentially be quality one-way links or link partners. The great thing about Trackur is it allows you to sort by many different criteria. My favorite is sorting by “Influence”. Influence is Trackur’s Pagerank, it will sort the results by which sites have the most influence in terms of search engines. This will allow you to quickly find quality websites that search engines find important. I recommend that you draft up a link building request template that you can use to email webmaster and request a link. In your email, make sure to say specifically why you like their site and how their visitors could benefit from your site.


When we added the Trackur Influence dashboard and TrackurRank scoring, we designed it to allow users to measure how influential a web site is for the keyword they were monitoring. That also means it’s perfect for identifying web sites that are important for your link building efforts too! Think about it, these sites are fresh, regularly updated, already linking out, popular, and they’re highly relevant to your industry.

Try it out for yourself. As well as monitoring your brand, why not use Trackur to monitor your most important keywords in your SEO campaign and discover potential link partners?

  • Currently, the ultimate way to get backlinks is article websites. It will be interesting to see if the Trackur approach can put some competition on article marketing. It would be great to have an easier way to link build using Trackur as opposed to the long, painful process of article writing 😉

    With that said, here is what I have found to be a great way to build links. Let’s say you run a marketing blog, if you try to get links from another marketing blog or website that is selling the same affiliate programs that you are, your link will probably be denied. However, if you ask for links from another blog or website that is not competing in the same niche that you are, your link will probably be approved. The lesson here is to ask for links from websites where the relationship can be mutually beneficial for both of you and no or very little direct overlap exists within the products you are selling.

    Perhaps we will see the next generation of Trackur be able to automatically spot such sites for you quickly (i.e. it compares affiliate product links on your site and that of another).

  • Awesome way to use Trackur! 🙂

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  • Great article – I hadn’t heard of Trackur until now and will give it a go. Thanks!

  • Thats pretty creative. Haven’t thought of that before.

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  • I’ll give Trackur a try 😉

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  • That’s a pretty sweet testimonial without out it actually being a testimonial – huge!

    Trackur truly is an amazing tool.

  • PS3

    I’ve probably missed the post about it but I am seeing a much sleeker looking Marketing Pilgrim today. Has it been revamped?

    I first heard of Trackur here but have still not used it some months later. Maybe I ought to!

  • I think Trackur worths a try. I’m going to give one.

  • Been looking for something like this for a long time.

    Will give it a try — thanks Andy as always 😉


  • This is what I love about internet marketing, you can learn something new almost every day. Hell of a way to use trackur!

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  • Never heard of Trakur before but Im glad I read this article. I’ll give it a shot and thanks for sharing!

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  • Very interesting stuff, I’ll have to look into this – thanks

  • Seems like it’s worth a try..

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  • As i went through the blog , i felt its really worth reading. There are certain things that we are all unaware of but this blog has strengthen my general knowledge

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