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Um . . . I got nothin. It’s Monday.

  • I have to say, I enjoy regularly bashing Yahoo!… but mobile voice search does sound pretty cool.

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  • Oh Please….if companies starts to hire in-house professionals for its Search Marketing efforts … won’t kill the industry.. instead it will increase it’s growth & potential.

    Oh You missed Firefox’s Birthday..

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  • Hiya Jordan, not bad for grasping at straws. Hope Yahoo manages to get something right, they really need a good storyline for a change. Mobile voice search seems like a great idea, can they copyright it though? Otherwise Google is just going to do it as well…

    As for the “death” of SEO, I prefer to use the word “evolution” as it is definitely more apt.

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  • To me, Micah makes a great deal of sense. The fact that Search Engines are getting more efficient all the time, it would certainly appear that in the next few years, it would be an in house operation.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Ideas for a Mother-to-be

  • SEO and googles way of defining page rank changes so often that SEO will never be dead.

    It adapts and changes with google so that people can get the best page rank that they can for their site.

  • Totally agree with SEO Tips SA. It’s not dead, just changing. As long as Google keeps updating their algos, it can’t die.

  • I don’t agree that SEO is dead or will ever die. Rather SEO will grow bigger with more to it than it is now. ALready some firms do have in-house teams but guess it will be boring doing just that.

  • Thanks for posting these. I’m especially looking forward to checking out the link on SEO. You never can quite have enough of reading others’ opinions concerning the fate of SEO, blogging, or social media.

  • Like other technical aspects of marketing (writing, design, etc.) SEO is likely to split between routine low-level maintenance type work, and high-end strategy work that demands specialist skills.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  • Okay, so I ended up reading that whole post on SEO being dead. NOPE!!! It’s just changing. And I think that is what he is expressing.

    It’s really a pitch to make SEO or SMM more in house and done with passion.

    But 3 years till search engine optimizers are out of business. Don’t think so. They can either work for big business in house…

    …or there are a ton of small business that will continue to come online for years to come. Plus you still have more people I believe that will begin to work from home.

    Plus many businesses don’t want to hire more. They would prefer to outsource.

  • Why dead? No, SEO is not dead. It just gets some alternations and moderations. Now the news is not so horrible as prior reading the post.

  • SEO dead? Where are you getting that from, We’ll rather see more and more people talking about it, it’s getting more digital

  • Not sure SEO will ever die, Yes it can go in-house,Yes it can change like it has always done. But the future is still bright.