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Today we remember all those who have served their respective countries in the armed forces–and especially those who made the greatest sacrifice to preserve our freedoms and their homes.

Wow, that’s one Gooooogly goodness!

  • Cabinets

    I read somewhere today that all the “advisors” that racked up the $73MM bill recommended yahoo to NOT sell to microsoft………given the billions in shareholder value that has eroded, that’s pretty sick to then be stuck with a big fat bill.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    wow, extra smiley’s for gmail. Doesn’t really classify for a great enhancement.

  • Nicole Price

    Smileys for gmail? That is a new one!!

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  • Ultimate Blackhat

    I did not even know Gmail had smileys. Now that’s 1999.

  • Ami Ohayon

    I’ve been involved in the beta of Ad Planner and have been quite impressed, so I’m pleased to see it opening the doors.

  • Kenney @ Work From Home Blog

    haaachoo. excuse me. lol. J/K. This is interesting. I guess this monitoring would have some pretty cool results. But what about privacy. (out the window this is the Internet)

    Oh yeah, that Google Ad Planner seems pretty cool.

    Video is the way to go. Actually at a new blog I am starting I am going test video & audio comments. I’ll see how it goes.

  • SoLinkable

    Hey guys, love the links, but where are the Remembrance/Veterans Day links?

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  • SEO Tips South Africa

    This puts a whole new perspective on “keeping your nose clean”

  • galin

    Thanks for the links. I am going to start reading them right now. I think the most interesting article will be the one about Google Launches Video and Voice Chat for Gmail. What a great idea, should say !