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Happy, happy Friday, readers dear!

  • PS3

    The article on the death of packaged software caught my eye. Steam and others have been offering the service for some time now.

    My concerns are 1) re-downloading times if you have a system crash and 2) the fact you have nothing to sell on once you have finished the game (which the developers will like no doubt!)

  • your concern to redownloading is not going on to me. But in Brazil we have a lot of problems with this…

  • Why would it sound the death knell of packaged software? As long as there is need for security and efficient downloadability, packaged software cannot be wished away.

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  • The articles which you have linked are really interesting! I’ve read them and liked it.

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  • I certainly agree that the future for packaged software doesn’t look strong. It is cheaper for the maker to provide it online but I think it will take a while before the broadband worldwide gets up to sufficient levels for it to truly take over.

  • I haven’t bought packaged software for more than five years now … it’s inevitable that companies will move towards online delivery.

  • I wonder if that book includes the questionable practices outlined in the EULA of the Chrome browser.

  • I agree with YouGov that the roll out of affordable broadband services across the globe will dictate the uptake of exclusively online software.

  • Microsoft has been dragging their heels on this for years………packaged software will soon become a thing of the past.

  • packaged software is already a thing of the past. The last time I bought PS that was a couple of years ago (Creative Suite 2)

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  • Google probably knows a little too much about all of us. It is finally about time that Microsoft upgraded and got rid of using boxes and providing an online store for their software. It will probably save tons of boxes from going to the landfills.

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