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Psst—it’s Friday. Partay.

  • Bad news for the SEO industry: we’ve seen the elephant. We’ve jumped the shark. We’ve made USA Today’s Small Business Strategies column.
  • SEO Blackhat says that they’ve Confirmed that Bounce Rate is A Search Engine Ranking Factor. Well, from their graphs, I see that their overall traffic, Google traffic and bounce rate all declined at the same time. But if I remember my Google Analytics correctly, bounce rate going down actually means that fewer people are leaving your site after viewing just one page, so your site is stickier. So Google rewards sites that people leave quickly with higher rankings and thus more traffic? I’m not convinced. Correlation still isn’t causation—couldn’t it be that Google traffic dropped off (for whatever reason) and then a higher proportion of visitors are the loyal visitors who weren’t bouncing anyway?
  • Here’s one idea sure to help your SEO (not): if your site’s not coming up on a search for your name, especially if you’re a law firm, sue Google. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
  • Most businesses cut back in economic times like these. But Business Week reports that Facebook’s doing the opposite
  • First, Facebook Connect partnered with Citysearch. Now is an Open Beta of Google Friend Connect Coming Soon? The very similar product has been in limited beta since its announcement—will this be enough to help it take off?
  • So that’s who’s still on MySpace—everyone. BlackBerry’s new MySpace app has already shattered the download record.
  • First they got the search deal with T-mobile, now Yahoo’s got a New beta version of coming soon.
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  • Jordan McCollum

    Ah—the graphs from the above trackback make all the difference. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • GPS

    I’m happy to see someone else read the charts the same way. I kept re-reading and re-analyzing trying to figure out what I was missing, and how they drew those conclusions. I’m in your court on this one.

  • I had the same question about Bounce rate. I wanted to leave a comment in their blog but later i figured that I need to be registered first….

    What he mentions there is, during the test period google has simply replaced those ‘traffic’ that were bouncing off (gave them to some other sites) and as a result his bounce rate and traffic both decreased…

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Google Featured in Hollywood & You Can Make Money With It!

  • I’ve never been big on MySpace, and really thought FAcebook was killing the service off. The Blackberry download record seems to prove me wrong….to an extent at least, it seems.

  • Great post about bounce rate, will be checking out other posts.

    robert entrepreneur’s last blog post..Create E-books For People Who Actually Want to Buy Them

  • Are you saying that traffic from myspace is no good?

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  • It’s more than just bounce rate that’s factoring in now. Quadzilla is dead on.

  • Now there will be a bunch of people that are SEO experts because they read a column in USA Today. Shark jumped better that the Fonz himself.