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Today is my grandma’s ninetieth birthday! (Feel free to leave birthday wishes here if you want, but she’s probably not going to see them and I don’t think I’ll be spending half our dinner together tonight trying to explain who you people are and why you’re wishing her a happy birthday. I appreciate the kindness, of course.)

  • There’ve been rumors about an Easter Egg in Google Street View, and now it has its own website: Street with a View is turned Google’s Street View car trip down one Pittsburgh street into a living art project (via).
  • Not terribly surprisingly, but quite disappointingly the Fortune 500 doesn’t get SEO. How bad is it? 72% have very little to no organic visibility for their most-advertised keywords.
  • You hear a lot about Open ID, but very little about its competitor Facebook Connect—but is it coming soon to a site near you?
  • Personally, I’m quite partial to Firefox, and I’m not the only one—they’ve reached 20% market share now.
  • Wow that is great that your grandma is 90, tell her happy birthday. Also that google street maps website is really cool. I wonder how they did it

  • Happy Birthday to your grandma! Have fun explaining who we are. 🙂

  • Street with a view was neat, but the pics taken in front of the Google office while the car drove by were more creative and fun.

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  • Jordan McCollum

    @Andy—I think she’d probably understand when I describe someone as “my boss” 😉 .

  • Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

    FireFox Rules 😉 ..Hopefully they can reach 40%-50% by the next 5-10 years.

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  • Fortune 500 having no clue = opportunity for everyone else.

    Is your grandma tech-savvy? A great big happy b-day to her.

  • I’m not so fussed about FF gaining markt share as I am that IE is *losing* market share.

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  • Best wishes to grandma, My nanny turned 80 last week too. How is she feeling?
    I can see an opening from a big SEO company going in to grab the gap.

  • Happy Birthday to your grand ma and hope she lives a long life!

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  • Whether she gets the message or not, that she has seen 90 years is a great achievement and I offer you and your grandmother, my congratulations and best wishes for her long life.

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  • I am a great Firefox fan too. Just watch, they will keep increasing their market share.

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  • It’s great to see firefox is really getting popular. It just sucks that we still have to develop our web applications with IE in mind.

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  • Ooops, I’m running late. Happy belated birthday to grandma.

    I’ve become a huge Firefox fan, and now only open Explorer if I have no choice at all.

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  • Thanks for the ample illustration of the generation gap. I won’t like trying to explain blogging to my Granny either!

  • Happy belated Birthday Grandma!!
    Firefow is definitely the king of browsers… Even Google’s “Chrome” isn’t quite up to snuff, compared to Firefox… But then, that’s mostly ‘cos of the lack of Plugins

  • cat

    Just tell your grandma that good people wish her happy birthday