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Guess what? Microsoft might actually get a search deal done without Google getting up in its grill. According to reports, Microsoft is close to signing a search deal with Verizon Wireless–making Live Search the default search engine.

Under the proposal, Microsoft and Verizon would share ad revenue generated by cell-phone Web searches, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the talks. The Journal is a sister publication of MarketWatch.

Verizon would also be guaranteed payments of about $550 million to $650 million over five years – about twice what rival Google offered. In addition, Verizon could agree to use Microsoft’s mobile operating system in more of its phones, generating additional payments.

Verizon is apparently still in talks with Google, which, if history repeats itself, suggest there’s a possibility Google would make a higher bid, just to block Microsoft.

  • Wow, $550-$650MM for an as-of-yet unproven mobile ad market. That takes some cajones.

  • Does not actually seem like much for Verizon. They did even worse than that before.

  • That’s a crazy amount of money to be throwing around. It would make sense that Google would just make a higher bid to block Microsoft anyways. Their search results suck by the way.

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  • But Live search over Google? Really, it’s silly just on the face of it. Love ’em or hate ’em, Google is better at search than anyone else.

  • “Can you hear me now”? lol.

    Microsoft is really trying to become a threat to Google. HeeHee. Maybe now they’ll come back and revisit buying Yahoo!

    Now that would really make them edge closer to Google.

  • Just makes it harder to go to G to search.

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  • If Google does not outbid Microsoft, I will still use Google to search on my phone. One more button push on the phone for much better results.

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  • The sheer size and impetus that comes with Google is making even the mighty Microsoft whimper…heheheheh

  • $550 million to $650 million is an impressive sum, isnít it? No, I donít think Microsoft will change its mind for buying Yahoo!

  • PS3

    I agree with post 7, surely most people savvy enough to use internet on a mobile/wireless will be able to set a different homepage serach.