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By Trisha Lyn Fawver

Apparently, teens are not as burnt out on advertising as adults are, according to research reported by eMarketer.  The DMA poll suggests that while more than half of teens wouldn’t be open to advertising even in exchange for something, they are more open to mobile advertising than adults.  They found that 19% of teens ages 15 to 17 and adults ages 21 to 30 have responded to a mobile phone offer, however a dramatic difference of only 7% of young adults ages 18 to 21 have responded to a mobile offer.

emarketer data on teen vs adult receptiveness to mobile ads

This is related to the fact that teens have much different relationships with their cell phones and mobile devices than adults.  Adults use these devices as must-have communication tools for business and family.  They know the value of the tools and how much they cost, so the relationship they have with their phones is a business-like, professional relationship.

Teens, on the other hand, usually don’t pay the bills and really only need the phones as a tether to their parents when out, so they see them more as a toy than a tool.  Texting friends and sending pictures back and forth is the order of the day, so it’s no surprise that they wouldn’t mind the intrusion of ads as much as adults do. 

It will be interesting to see the direction of mobile advertising and if this form embraces the teen crowd and targets them directly or keeps on doing what they’ve been doing shouting into the wind at adults.

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  • The key question will then be, whether mobile advertising will translate into sales for the advertisers. I doubt that it will.

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  • @Nicole Price A simple accounting of ROI might not yield positive results, especially since e-commerce for B2C transactions on mobile is in its infancy. But mobile is effectively a captive audience, so any ad campaign will build brand awareness, and the ROI is harder to measure. Yet, as other channels become ever more overcrowded, marketers will turn to media that offer a more targeted audience.

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  • I think most people, teens included, will get tired of mobile advertising FAST and it won’t really go anywhere.

    At least, most savvy people.

  • Correct, main point is whether mobile SEO will generate leads and sales for a website. Also, I wish to know that mobile websites indexing. How search engines index mobile websites.

  • Teens definitely have a huge influence on mobile advertising. They still get their money from their parents or have part-time jobs in which they spend all of their money on the latest trend. They also have the latest phones, so why not target them in advertising?

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  • I think its because its easier for them to ask their parents for some calling credit than ask for money and try and explain what they are planning to spend it on.

  • And as more and more teens live off daddy’s credit card the better it is to advertise to them 🙂

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  • The most teenagers are influenced by mobile advertising. However the profit get by them cannot be much and impressive. How much will be the teens able to spend on the latest trends having just part-time job and getting some dollars from their parents?