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If you thought YouTube’s click-to-buy feature was neat for music labels, allowing them to add links to purchase music on pirated videos featuring that music, you’ll love this: MTV has partnered with MySpace to identify videos posted to MySpace that are copyrighted by MTV, using audio and visual fingerprint technology. And here’s the good part: instead of getting medieval on pirated videos’ hineys, MTV gets to add ads.

The fingerprinting technology, provided by Auditude, is apparently so good that they’re encouraging MySpace users to upload all the pirated MTV Networks content they want—including such long banned shows as The Colbert Report.

But, as RWW points out, Auditude doesn’t just identify the clips (emphasis added):

With Auditude, MTV Networks will be able to identify practically any of their content on MySpace – so long as Auditude has a record of it – without relying on user-generated keywords or tags. Once identified, the MySpace-hosted MTV content becomes an advertising platform for MTV. Auditude allows them to add a video overlay to the clip, advertising the content source, the original broadcast date, and links to purchase the entire episode or other related content.

But the coolness of Auditude technology doesn’t stop there. Join me in my usual data salivation as I say: analytics. Yep, according to Read Write Web, Auditude provides analytics form the video overlay data, including views and uploads.

auditude metrics

Now, you know why I’m so excited: I heart data. But why is this so important to MTV Networks? (Nielsen ratings, anyone?) MTV’s channels will now have up-to-the minute stats on exactly which shows and music videos are popular. Heck of a lot better than relying on TRL, don’t you think?

  • This could be huuuuge. Can you believe that MYSPACE (of all possible sites) were the ones who came up with this?

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  • Yes, a LOT better than relying on TRL.

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  • Yeah, this is great. But let’s forget about the old pirated videos, what about the upcoming ones? There still were some MTV shows uploaded on Youtube though!

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  • This could be huge and better than relying on TRL.

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  • Interesting! So finally they figured out how to make money from those videos rather than crying out loud about the copyright issues.

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  • This is a great idea. I would like Youtube to introduce something similar though. How many people go to Myspace just to look at Myspace videos. I know I don’t.


  • Wow! The possibilities for some aggressive marketing are immense. This is indeed a break-through development.

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  • Brilliant approach by MTV, absolutely bold marketing.

  • Wow that is pretty cool that they have the technology to figure out which videos belong to MTV and than put ads on them. It is better than just removing them

  • At one of the above commentors: I certainly don’t go to Myspace just to look at the videos, but its kind’ve nice, I think, to have them be available once you’re there. That way you don’t have to go to another site (huge chore for some people, ya know. 😛 )