Posted November 13, 2008 12:01 am by with 35 comments

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How would you like to simply click a button and have Google immediately re-index your web site?

If you’re hoping that’s what Google has just launched, you’d be right–but only for Google Site Search.

Still, it shows Google’s commitment to those businesses that rely on Google Site Search to power their web site, and also demonstrates how far Google’s server capacity has come.

According to Google, it’s new On-Demand Indexing provides:

  • Site owners get an “Index Now” button to quickly and easily update their site search results with new and updated content.
  • New pages are searchable within hours — taking no longer than a day to appear within site search results.

Based upon the sheer delight expressed by Adobe, other Google Site Search customers should be equally tickled:

“On-Demand Indexing was essential for our recent launch of Adobe Creative Suite 4, the biggest software release in the company’s history,� said Tanya Wendling, senior director for Learning Resources at Adobe. �Google Site Search made it easy to implement search across our Creative Suite product line and online sites, and we are now able to index thousands of new pages and make them available to millions of users worldwide within hours.�

OK, Google, so when do we get the same functionality for instant indexing by Google web search? That would be cool.