Posted November 17, 2008 8:50 am by with 2 comments

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I hate sharing bad news about the growth–or lack thereof–of online advertising, but the numbers are, well, the numbers.

TechCrunch has compiled some neat visuals to helps us understand how online ad revenues have slowed among Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL.

As you can see, Q4 of 2007 enjoyed a growth rate of 12.7%–compared to around 1% in Q3 of this year.

Are you worried?

  • Yes – very worried, but I doubt that this has anything to do with anything other than companies scaling back on advertising because of the economy.

    Internet advertising (IMO) is still an infant…both in spending and potential. I’d be curious to see what Q4 2008 looks like so we can compare relative data – maybe looking at Q1, Q2, Q3 ’07 wouldn’t be too bad of an idea either.

    I also think that growth in self publishing or smaller blog based platforms are eating away at some of the Big 4 revenue.

    Do you know if any mediums grew by more than 1% (mobile?)?

  • No.

    In this environment, anything but a negative growth figure is good news. Not ideal news, but better than the alternative, and better than many other sectors in the economy.