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The fun of shopping online has worn off. Online megamall iStorez studied how people feel about shopping online. Only 1 in 10 Americans now shop just ‘for the fun of it,’ and the majority want improvements.

Here are some more findings:

  • 78% of younger shoppers say they think online shopping has room for improvement.
  • 55% find online shopping more convenient than shopping in stores
  • 36% find greater financial rewards (look online to get bargains)
  • 35% find more variety offline (even though there is much more variety online)
  • The woman who has the most admired fashion sense in politics right now is former vice president candidate Sarah Palin. That came at a price though – she famously $150,000 on her wardrobe.

The study, conducted by Kelton Research, might mean that online shopping may slow down, just as people are spending less in stores. Anand Jagannathan, CEO of iStorez points out: “The truth is that the online shopping experience hasn’t changed much in the last decade. If shoppers are telling us that online shopping offers less variety than real-world malls, then we need to listen hard and make some major changes.” I suppose that means offer more selection?

What do people want? First, 55% say they shop online for the convenience of it. But they want retailers to streamline and simplify the process. To that I’d add that shopping for clothes online that you haven’t tried can take a long time. It’s a pain to return things that don’t fit (unless they work with their offline store to make it easier).

iStorez carries 18 million products from 500 retailers. Customers can create a own personal mall based on their style and favorite stores.

  • I’m familiar with this kind of problems. Visitors of an online store need to be reassured and to find the right answer at the right time, when they really need it. It’s challenging for many stores, what most of them are missing is the so called “human touch”. I wrote something two days ago:

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  • Shopping for clothes online is horrible because of sizing issues but shopping for electronics, books, CDs, movies, etc where you don’t need to poke it as much before buying is great. The search function of sites like Amazon is way friendlier than trying to find stuff on the shelves.

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  • TT

    I do like shopping online. But there are items that are difficult to buy from online and I will agree that it has to be clothes.

  • I think the title is very misleading here. Obviously these shoppers are mostly looking for improvements to shopping online, not that they dont really like it or will stop doing it.

    As visitors to websites get more and more savvy they have come to expect a certain level of shopping experience online. When they dont find that you get the results above. Many websites hopping carts and general shopping experience is still poor from a usability standpoint.

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  • So 30% of the people in survey like/love to shop online? It doesn’t say how many people like to shop offline in the mall or shopping center.

    I love going into town and browse the shops, but I also love the convenience of shopping online. Because there is much more variety andbecause you can quikly look up a review, test or price comparison. It makes it easier to chose the right product.

  • I agree with above, I think MORE people are going online to shop simply b/c its easier, more convenient and it saves them cash…

  • The headline got me. You hear so much about how online spending is becoming more the trend, even though people are scared of fraud and security… you showed some interesting facts. Thanks for the post. I am always thinking of ways that I can better be prepared for online shopping trends.

  • Although shopping on online could be a little hassle but it’s really shocking to know 70% of people actually don’t enjoy it.

    Maybe that could lead a downfall in online shopping businesses in future? Hope not.. The economy is bad enough..

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  • One of the main advantages of online shopping that you are not to go out and waste your time for getting to the wanted store. You can freely choose whatever you like just sitting in your room and clicking on the mouse. So it saves your time. However there is one BIG minus in online shopping: you are not able to see this or that product, notice it defects or pluses.

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