AOL – At Least They Are Consistent

I have written about AOL in the past. I usually write about them when I am reminded of them. Honestly, AOL plays literally no part in my life except when quarterly results of Time Warner are discussed. In today’s WSJ, AOL once again shows up in the news in dubious fashion. If you are the AOL brass you would sure hope that one day you are not part of this headline “Time Warner Posts Flat Profit; AOL Offsets TV, Media Gains”. It doesn’t seem likely that this will happen in the near future or maybe ever.

Linky Goodness, November 5

Today is my grandma’s ninetieth birthday! (Feel free to leave birthday wishes here if you want, but she’s probably not going to see them and I don’t think I’ll be spending half our dinner together tonight trying to explain who you people are and why you’re wishing her a happy birthday. I appreciate the kindness, of course.)

  • There’ve been rumors about an Easter Egg in Google Street View, and now it has its own website: Street with a View is turned Google’s Street View car trip down one Pittsburgh street into a living art project (via).
  • Not terribly surprisingly, but quite disappointingly the Fortune 500 doesn’t get SEO. How bad is it? 72% have very little to no organic visibility for their most-advertised keywords.

Decker Memo to Yahoos: It’s All Good

You’re the president of a well-known company. You’ve just spent the past nine months battling off an acquisition from one competitor and battling for approval for a deal with another—and both end up leaving you high and dry. What are you going to do now?

If you said, “I’m going to Disney World!” . . . well, have fun with that. But if you’re Yahoo President Sue Decker, you pull out your best stationary email client and compose a cheery note. Highlights from the company-wide memo:

While this turn of events is regrettable, it’s important for all Yahoos to recognize that our agreement with Google was just one of many efforts that we have underway to accelerate our strategy. . . . The fundamental building blocks of a stronger Yahoo! in both sponsored and algorithmic search were put in place independent of the agreement.

Nominations Open for 2nd Annual Open Web Awards!

Who do you think is the most influential and cutting-edge company in social media? Well, instead of simply telling your friends, you can tell the whole world by nominating them for the 2nd Annual Open Web Awards.

After last year’s success, Mashable is once again organizing the Open Web Awards–this time you can make a nomination in any of 26 categories. And, once again, Marketing Pilgrim is delighted to be a blog partner for the awards.

If you believe your company should be nominated–or you’re just a fan of a company that you believe deserves recognition–you can nominate them using the widget below.

Nominations close Sunday, November 16th at 11:59 pm PST. Nominate now and start campaigning! And feel free to embed this widget on your own blog or website by clicking the “Grab This” button!

The Election is Over, Now You Need to Focus on PubCon!

Are you going to PubCon in Las Vegas next week?

If you’re one of those undecided, last-minute decision makers, there’s only one conference candidate you need to vote for–PubCon!

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It’s the one event I try not to miss because it offers a great selection of sessions–from beginner to super-advanced–and some of the best networking opportunities of the year.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll see me roaming the halls with my camera in hand–stop me if you want your photo taken!

I’m also speaking on three panels:

Breaking: Google Terminates Ad Deal with Yahoo

Despite recent attempts to appease the DoJ, Google has decided to terminate its advertising partnership with Yahoo.

Here’s a statement, just released by Yahoo….

…Google has terminated the advertising services agreement the companies announced in June. Yahoo! continues to believe in the benefits of the agreement and is disappointed that Google has elected to withdraw from the agreement rather than defend it in court. Google notified Yahoo! of its refusal to move forward with implementation of the agreement following indication from the Department of Justice that it would seek to block it, despite Yahoo!’s proposed revisions to address the DOJ’s concerns.

And, Google has added its side of the story

For Google’s HR Managers Denial is Just a River in Egypt

When is a hiring freeze not a hiring freeze?

The answer? When Google is the company that’s decided to hold off from hiring any new employees, yet won’t admit it.

According to CNBC:

A spokesperson at the company says there has been no freeze on hiring, but several executives I have spoken with who have hiring responsiblity said it was made clear to them one month ago they were to make no new hires, including at the secretarial level and they were Google Headquarters
Paul Sakuma / AP directed to fill all vacancies with internal candidates. In effect, they term it an unofficial hiring freeze.

An “unofficial hiring freeze?”