Online Sales Slow and It’s the End of the World as We Know it

It’s officially over folks. We are going back to slide rules and abacuses. Throw away your computers because there is a report that in the first 23 days of November online sales overall is off – gulp- 4%. That’s right 4%. Add a zero that percentage and you are talking about the stock market losses in recent months. So is this drop something that warrants concern or is it too early to tell?

This data comes from comScore so there will likely be enough skepticism about the numbers just on that alone. Also, consider we haven’t even hit Black Monday (online’s answer to the day after Thanksgiving’s shopping Black Friday) and this seems t be a bit alarmist IMHO. For the article go to the WSJ and check out the information.

Google’s SearchWiki Is Here To Stay: Is This The Death of SEO?

By Joe Hall

According to a report from Danny Sullivan it looks like Google’s much talked about SearchWiki is here to stay. Most of the clammer about this new Google feature is focused around a user’s inability to turn it off. While there are several browser plugins available to hide the SearchWiki functions, for most users the SearchWiki is now a permanent part of the Google search experience.

Google’s SearchWiki is a new feature that allows for users to organize search results and make comments. The reorganized results only show up for the user that made the changes, but the comments are made public.

While it seems that most are concerned about turning the SearchWiki off, few have highlighted the effects that this new feature will have on SEO.

LinkedIn Improves Search Feature

By Carrie Hill

Today professional networking platform, LinkedIn announced some upgrades to their on-site search features.

They’ve provided more ways to find people.
I think this is a good advance as I have been frustrated in the past looking for a particular person’s profile. Previously it seemed necessary to find someone who was connected to find their profile. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – but it did add some frustration to building your network.

An expanded the search space.
That header was confusing for me – but I figured it out. They’ve decided to eliminate the tab switching for a people search from in-network to out-of-network. They now retrieve the most relevant professionals from the entire community. My question how is relevancy determined?

SMX London – Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques

After a great London SEO event the night before at the Freemasons Arms, it was somewhat surprising to see such a packed room first thing in the morning. Rob Kerry from Ayima who organised the previous evening’s social event was up bright and breezy moderating this first session of the day. After a light-hearted introduction from Rob, the first person up to present was Lyndon Antcliff.

Lyndon Antcliff –

Lyndon talked the audience through a particularly well-known viral news story he worked on this year. The case study was a ‘13 year old credit card fraud story’. He dissected the story for the audience to help folks understand what makes a piece of content viral and then highlighted the importance of using ‘psychological hooks’.

Google Chrome Improves Bookmarking Feature While Speeding Past Competition

By Taylor Pratt

Last night Google released an update for Chrome that featured a new bookmarking manager. The same bookmarking manger was released a few weeks ago to the developer version of Chrome. While Chrome’s new bookmarking manager is a huge improvement over their previous release, I’m in agreement with Lifehacker that it is still second fiddle to Firefox 3’s bookmarking tool. Chrome’s bookmarking manager still lacks the use of tags and smart folders. To update Chrome to the latest build, select “About Google Chrome” in the settings drop down menu, and click on the update button.

google chrome bookmarking manager

In addition to the bookmarking update, ExtremeTech crowned Chrome the speed king of the major web browsers. Competing against Firefox, Opera, IE7 and Safari, Chrome stood far ahead of the rest in ExtremeTech’s scoring algorithm (with Firefox finishing in second ahead of Opera).

YouTube Video Growth Spurt: Just In Time to Play With the Big Kids

By Joe Hall

YouTube LogoOn Monday YouTube announced that their standard video player will get bigger. The YouTube page size has been increased to 960 pixels, which by my calculations puts the new player’s width at around 640px. This will allow for more video size options for their users and it will move the video sharing giant closer to wide screen capabilities. Wide screen has been a commonly requested featured on YouTube, now that wide screen monitors are becoming increasingly popular in the consumer market.

The increase in size will most definitely aid YouTube in their future competition with sites like hulu as they begin to add full featured movies and television shows. That’s right, if you haven’t heard yet, MGM has signed a deal to be the first movie house to post some of its best work on YouTube.

Google Job Cuts: Creative HR or Pure Speculation?

By: Carrie Hill

It might be just a dirty rumor – but in light of the economic woes of many large corporations we cant be that surprised that Google could be laying workers off.  An article over at WebGuild speculates that Google’s job cuts were affecting nearly 10,000 workers.

Note the article says it “affects” nearly 10,000 workers.  If you read the fine print – it doesn’t look like we’ll see 10,000 people walking out the door with their desks in boxes.  By moving temporary workers around and reclassifying certain jobs as “temporary” Google has reported having around 20,000 employees to the SEC.  In actuality – including temporary jobs – they’re looking at closer to 30,000 – according to the WebGuild article. The reshuffling of workers seems to be an effort to make the productivity per employee more stable – something Wall Street looks at when analyzing various corporations.