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It seems like forever since we did a Pilgrim’s Picks. Taking a look around the news today, it’s saturated with either Jerry Yang resigning or Mark Cuban’s SEC charges–both of which we’ve already covered.

Until I find something fresh and interesting, you can consider these Picks your amuse bouche yeux. 🙂

  • Google brings voice search to the iPhone. Matt Cutts gushes over it–just days after gushing over Google’s Android phone (which doesn’t yet have voice search). 😉
  • Did Microsoft’s taste for revenge lead to Jerry Yang resigning?
  • Forge–a non-profit that helps African refugees–is running out of money. Boris Mordkovich–having recently sold Search Marketing Standard–has jumped in to help them raise money. He wants your help too!
  • If you’re looking for a enterprise-scale web site uptime service, then you might want to check out AlertSite. While not free, I’ve tested it and was impressed with the many features it offers.
  • Want a quick, easy, and free way to compare your web site with your competition? Check out ReviewMyWeb–it’s pretty and pretty cool.
  • Jerry Yang is doing a Steve Jobs! He hopes to return when the mess gets messier!

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..The Best Recipe Sites

  • So, Yang did resign. Hey that voice search is pretty cool.

    I checked out ReviewMyWeb… I like it. Always looking for new ways to access the competition and compare.

  • Firstly, I would like to congratulate you guys on the redesign. Not radically different, so I still feel right at home, but neater and nicer. Well done!

    Secondly, good for Boris Mordkovich, may his charitable endeavours bear fruit. As an African myself I feel drawn to the cause.

  • i like the new design. reviewmyweb is pretty cool. thanks for the tip.