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Woohoo it’s Friday?

Let’s celebrate with today’s Picks:

  • A Russian company is suing Google for $3 billion, claiming AdSense infringes on its patent. Whatever.
  • The recession is going to reduce the growth rate of local online advertising from 47% growth this year to just 8% next year. Ouch!
  • E-consultancy has advice for publishers looking to improve their site search. Noted.
  • Live Search Maps has added Photosynth images.
  • How cool is the new "Reactions" feature, just added to Blogger?
  • Sueing Google could be quite profitable if you have a watertight case….otherwise it will be like sueing any multinational company…they’ll keep you at arms lenght until you run out of cash….ouch!

  • That is really interesting about the adsense. That would be interesting if they actually won the case against google.

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  • thx so much.

  • $3 billion?!?! I see the Russians want to get in on frivolous American lawsuits

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  • Thanks for the picks, but will suing such a highly reputable company like Google sovle the problem?

  • I can only hope your advertising growth rate is wrong, but I fear that it will be close.

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  • If Google doesn’t win the case, then they’re in for ruin, you know $3 Bln is a lot of hard cash even for an industry giant like google!

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  • Ouch indeed, online advertising growth from 47 to 8%? not cool…
    As for suing Google.. I can’t say that’s a particulary good idea… It’ll end up turning, simply, into a war of attrition.. and that’s a mighty deep hole to be throwing your money into

  • cat

    Suing google – very nice they made good money on this

  • The Russians will never win this case. This is absurd. They will however gain some good PR.

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  • I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that we work in an industry that is still growing unlike so many others where growth looks an increasingly remote possibility.