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Today is full of buzz about the election. I tried to vote early – too crowded. So my strategy is to wait until 9am to vote by my house. It worked perfectly. There were probably lines earlier, but when I got there, no lines. I walked right up, got my card, and voted.

People are not only going to the polls today – they are searching Google for more information. We want to be updated and to track the election as we go about our day.

Google Hot Trends ( shows that online people are going to Google before they go to the polls. We want to know where and when we can vote. We are also searching for perks for voting (smart marketing!).

Here’s a brief list of free stuff for voting today (check their web site or call for details):

Krispy Kremefree red, white and blue sprinkled doughnut. From 5-8 pm today.

Ben and Jerry’sfree scoop of ice cream at participating stores.

Free coffee at Starbucks – expect long lines!

So far today, 87 of the top 100 fastest-rising terms are about politics. In the top 10 – even the one search term that doesn’t appear to be about politics, probably is.

10 Fastest-Rising Election Day Queries on Google as of 12 noon EST:

1. exit polls 2008
2. early voting exit polls
3. voting results
4. presidential election results
5. poll results
6. election coverage 2008
7. chick fil a (I suspect this is because Chik-Fil-A in Savannah, Georgia is giving out free chicken sandwiches to voters)
8. election update
9. election tracker
10. who’s winning the election

Top campaign-related queries during the general election season: Sept. 1-Nov. 4:

Top Political Personas

1. Obama
2. Palin
3. McCain
4. Tina Fey
5. Joe Biden
6. Chuck Norris
7. Cindy McCain
8. Bristol Palin
9. SNL Palin
10. Colin Powell

Top Political Topics

1. Debate
2. Social Security
3. Presidential Debate
4. Polls
5. Voter Registration
6. Gas Prices
7. Oil Prices
9. Electoral College
10. Socialism

Top Political News Sources

1. Drudge
2. Huffington Post
3. Gallup
4. Real Clear Politics
5. Rasmussen
6. Rush Limbaugh
7. Politico
8. 538
9. CNN Politics
10. Daily Kos

The Official Google Blog will keep reporting on election day trends throughout the day.

Have you voted yet? Did you get something free (besides the “I VOTED” sticker)? Join in the fun and let us know how it went.

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  • Sounds like a pretty good post-poll breakfast if you’re willing to hit Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, and Ben & Jerrys.

    Mmmm … democracy never tasted so good.

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  • ‘Cause I’m not in US, so I’m going to voted anybody 😀
    Anyway, you write it well and blend your effort to get more traffic from google trends hot keywords. I like it, and someday learn and try to do the same 😀

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  • Bets on how long before this post turns into an Obama/McCain flame war?

    Speaking from a Canadian point of view, this election has been quite interesting, especially when I’m used to our Canadian ho-hum elections…

    SoLinkable’s last blog post..Roger Ebert receives email that proves the theory of evolution, using M&Ms

  • The chick-fil-a one is funny. A friend at work mentioned the chick-fil-a along with starbucks and a few other places giving out free stuff. I’m glad to see that people aren’t still searching for candidate views and what the results are.

    go green’s last blog post..Top 5 Greenest Cars in 2009

  • No mail-in ballots available in your neck of the woods? No lines there, either.

    I type this from Starbucks with a $2 coffee next to my computer……they failed to disclose that they were giving them away today, or perhaps I wasn’t smart enough to get my head out of the sand….

  • Obama become high traffic keyword, my pagerank zero blog receive more than 200 uniqe hit per day, for key word obama … 🙂

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  • There has been much energy generated by these elections, Obama being the most favoured candidate.

    I’m elated that he has been voted president of the USA, he really did campaign himself extremely brilliantly.

    Wishing the USA all the best on their newly appointed president. 😉

  • It is amazing how much one can tell about the state of the world, in all it’s aspects, just from taking a look at some of Google’s stats.
    As for the new president, I was rooting for Obama and I somehow don’t think that anyone, at any point doubted that he would win the race. Congrats to the man and all the best to America and their new leader… may he be better than the last!!

  • I support Obama , but I predict he will lose ..

    brandon alan scofield’s last blog post..First post

  • As I write this, its all over. The 44th President of the USA is in very convincingly. All reports indicate that the maximum ever recorded voting took place.

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  • Obama won!! Now everything is searching for:

    1. mccain concession speech
    4. obama acceptance speech

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  • Haha, search number 7 is funny! Most people must have voted to get something for free, a very nice tactic!

    Abdul’s last blog post..When Google Found it and Indexed it

  • Haha people are searching for free chicken burgers!
    Obama has now won!! Google trends are now showing different queries!

  • Interesting to see the queries here.

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  • I love the dialog from all over the world. Last night it felt like New Year’s Eve celebrations. The news showed people partying in the streets – wish I’d gone to a party.
    Obama and McCain both have stepped forward with a strong message to unify our country and world. I can feel so much energy. I’ve never seen an election like this one.

  • Surprisingly, as polls closed and the presidential race was called after 11 pm EST for [president obama], people searched for outcomes on state races of interest, such as [al franken senate race], [massachusetts question 2], and [proposition 8] in California.

    It’s one of the most talked about election in history.

  • Interesting stuff, I got my cup of Starbucks!!

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