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Something different for today. First, there’s not any internet marketing news going on that can’t wait until tomorrow. Second, even if I posted it, your mind would be on the election.

So, I’m saving you the 15 minutes you would have normally spent reading this morning’s posts. That’s time you can now allocate towards the most important thing you get to do as a citizen of this great country–VOTE!

It took me 6 years of jumping through hoops and filling out mountains of paperwork to ensure I could earn my US citizenship and my right to vote. All you had to do was take your first breath on US soil. Please don’t take for granted the responsibility you have to yourself, your family, and the rest of us–go vote!

When you’re done–and wondering who’s winning at the ballot box–you can check back on this handy widget:

  • People should get out and vote. It’s there right to do so and to show support for the candidate they want to be elected into office. What gets me angry is that people only think there are two candidates. They don’t want to vote because they think those are the only two candidates available. There are many others and they might fit your views better than the major party’s candidates.

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  • Unfortunately I’m not in U.S. But even if I was I have mixed views on both, first I was in favor of Obama but ever since he gave his statement against pakistan I started doubting his intentions!

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  • I’m not in U.S too. But my local television often show Obama profile. I hope only the best will win the Presidential Election.

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  • Obama will win. Of course…that’s what I said about Kerry till the election was cheated so who knows.

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  • I’m very excited about the prospect of America electing a black President … given the history of race in the US, it’s a huge step.

    And quite apart from race; I think he’s a far superior candidate.

  • @Busby

    I think a lot of people are going to start doubting Obama’s intentions. He’s trying to say as little as possible and has continued to do so until he can get elected.

    I’ve got about 20 reasons not to vote for Obama and almost as many to not vote for McCain. I’m a third-party candidate voter.

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  • I’m going to close comments before things get out of hand.