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In case you missed the memo, it’s Election Day in the US. Be sure to vote. If you’ve already performed your civic duty, thank you.

I don’t know, maybe Andy shamed them into this last week when he said that Google never had any intention of going through with the ad deal with Yahoo, but over the weekend Google and Yahoo began to revisit the terms of their ad agreement in hopes of finally earning approval from the Department of Justice (which is still apparently undecided about whether they should even be deciding on this in the first place).

According to paidContent, new terms include:
Shorter terms: The new plan cuts the partnership length down to two years (previously, it was 10 years).

Revenue cap: They now limit the amount of revenue Yahoo can generate from the deal to just 25 percent. Before there was no cap, and Yahoo was hoping to earn at least $250M in the first year alone. Says paidContent, “This measure is likely an attempt to appease opponents who argue that Yahoo would eventually give up selling search on its own completely.”

Google advertisers can opt out: Companies running search ads on Google can opt out of having their links displayed on Yahoo sites. Again, this appears to be an effort to appease the opposition, this time “aimed more at agencies and trade organizations like the World Association of Newspapers that spoke out against the deal, for fear that it would reduce the amount of ad revenue that Google and Yahoo provide to their members’ sites.”

What do you think—will these measures be enough?

  • At the speed the DOJ moves, maybe there will be a hot new google-killer ad network unveiled by the time the DOJ comes to a decision. Wait, google-competitor, not killer……I just want more competition.

  • I thought this advertising joint venture between Yahoo and Google was a great idea from the first place, so I’m happy to see that they finally went ahead with it.

    Which ever terms, they can be re-adjusted as this projects continues.

  • No, I still think that the Google/Yahoo deal will not pass muster.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Green Tax Breaks

  • Yahoo’s dream of getting $250M won’t turn into a reality if they only get 25%!

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Google Profile Search

  • Not sure I agree with this. I don’t really want to see Google getting even more control of the advertising sector.

  • I also thing it will be wrong if Google will get much more control over advertising that he possesses now. Isn’t it enough for Google?

  • In retrospect….hahahahah….Yahoo didn’t stand a chance!!!!!

  • MGA

    That’s what google wants: they want to get all market share. Even if they run their ads on yahoo content for two years; this will be give them enough time to capture the whole online ad market…