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By Peter Young

Mobile marketing is often been forecast as the next big thing, however it has often been the case of ‘always the bridesmaid and never the bride’—as mobile marketing campaigns often failed to deliver.

However in 2008, we have started to see a change. Mobile marketing investment is certainly on the increase. Many organisations previously have been reluctant to invest or merely dipping their toe in the water, now have seen increased traffic volumes and ad networks establishing themselves with media buyers.

Certainly the surge in popularity of more complex and intelligent handsets such as the Apple iPhone have been a driving force behind this—followed more recently by similar product offerings from both Blackberry and LG. However the ‘second coming of the iPhone’—with 3G (or faster) and GPS technology and with the incredibly infectious iPhone App Store providing a multitude of products and applications—has been nothing short of phenomenal to the point where even Microsoft has developed an application for the phone—something even the biggest Apple fan couldn’t have foreseen.

Other organisations have been equally as quick to exploit the opportunities these Mobile V3 devices can offer. Companies such as Electronic Arts and the Associated Press have embraced mobile marketing heavily and Google themselves have been equally as quick to respond by allowing AdWords campaigns to handheld devices with full HTML browsers (phones such as the iPhone and its own G1).

Google says these phones can handle standard AdWords ads and landing pages without requiring modification or other special action by marketers—and as such provides a significantly larger potential audience to its full inventory. Additionally, AdWords advertisers can create campaigns which can be exclusively targeted to iPhone and G1 owners. Separate calls to action can be created for all mobile users, or even for the users of individual devices.

Other networks have been equally as enthusiastic to exploit. Platform-A for example has begun serving ads optimised for the iPhone, similarly AdMob—and more and more advertisers are embracing the mobile medium as a mainstream advertising channel.

2008 has seen a surge in popularity, and with more and more capable handsets enter the market. Certainly a recent study by Pew Internet suggested the landscape in 2020 would be mobile based. As more and more people become more mobile in terms of the internet capabilities and the potential audience and ROI greater, this is only likely to become more and more competitive.

Will 2009 be the year mobile finally goes mainstream? I would suggest it has already started.

Peter Young is a UK SEO who contributes regularly to the Holistic Search site whilst working as SEO Manager at MediaVest in Manchester, England.

  • Its amazing how bad of a recession we are in, and people have 500 to spend on a phone. The days we live in, to funny!

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  • Mobile phones may well have gone mainstream, but 2009 is unlikely to be as spectacular for it as 2008 was for the iphone. The global economic situation is simply too dicey.

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  • I also don’t agree that 2009 is going to be the yeaqr of the mobile phone. I think people will finally realize that $400 is a lot to spend on a mobile phone + the ongoing charges.

  • I disagree, I think 2009 will be a big year for mobile phones, as they are still cheaper than other technology goods, for example the computer consoles.
    Besides, most people on a contract in the UK get a free upgrade on their phones. I have just been upgraded to an Apple Iphone for free. I must say its far better than I thought it would be.

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  • Very nice post. Thanks for the information and I will be comming back ofter to check out you great blog.

  • PS3

    The iPhone was indeed my number one gadget of 2008. Let’s just hope 2009 is the year of some optomism in the global economy.

  • i couldnt agree more. i so love my iphone. It is one of my best buys for 2008. I read that there are new gadgets coming out this 2009 and i am so excited.

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  • We all knew that, mobile phones has been widely used by the people in the world wide. Since there is a rapid growth in technology, mobile phones getting the newer version with new technologies implemented on it. Yes, mobile marketing increased rapidly in few years and it is nice that it has become a mainstream. This an awesome post !

  • It is reall very cool.

  • SEO

    The iPhone is good for marketing.

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  • In order to start my own business I had to get rid of my cell phone and car to cut costs, WOW – that puts me behind the technology curve – but I think its time that I invest in an Iphone