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By Taylor Pratt

After being accused of multiple legal allegations, Baidu (Google’s Chinese search rival) will launch a new search product called “Phoenix Nest.” As Marketing Pilgrim reported earlier today, over 50 small businesses were willing to press charges against Baidu for delisting sites that refused to enter in a bidding war over keywords. Phoenix Nest aims to resolve those issues, and also provide more relevant search results.

How will this affect Baidu’s market share? They are currently the dominating force in the search industry in China, commanding 70% of all searches. While Google only holds 26% of the market share in China, will Baidu’s recent legal troubles help Google to close the gap? If there is one thing Google is very good at, it is capitalizing on opportunities.

Taylor Pratt is a Search Marketing Specialist at nFusion, a results focused marketing agency.

  • I am sure Baidu company know what to do, as they have support from the Government. They are very strong in their are of business and it is normal to widen their products.

  • If each country have their own strong search engine, just wonder what google will do

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  • Although a rival of Google, Google do (did?) own a percentage of Baidu from many years ago. IIRC, Baidu was Google’s stepping stone into China.

  • Nice way to keep everything within the family! I doubt that G will gain any market share. Baidu will split its share between the two.

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  • It makes a nice change for Google to be playing catch-up, but Baidu will have to be sharp to keep their advantage. Their main advantage is that their roots are in China, and that gives them a huge advantage.

  • Insider Out

    This isn’t anything new for Baidu or its users. Google censors it searches, but there are ppl who still use it in China. The fight is on the emotional level, not the functional one.

  • No matter what happens..I think chinese users will always prefer it over any other search engine.

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  • It’s really interesting how big baidu is over in china, No matter how domineering Google is in other parts of the globe – Most chinese will prefer their own Search engine more.

  • At least in one country Google is not so popular search engine. No doubt, the Chinese tend to prefer their own Baidu company.