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UPDATE: I’ve updated this list here: 32 Essential WordPress Plugins

I have a confession to make. I’ve been holding out on you.

As someone that preaches being Radically Transparent, I’ve not been very forthcoming with the list of WordPress plugins we use on Marketing Pilgrim. By keeping them a big secret, I shamelessly thought I’d keep an advantage over competing blogs.

Well, no more! Consider this my Christmas present to you all. Enjoy!

Ad Rotator – rotate ads anywhere on your site

This is actually the newest plugin added to Marketing Pilgrim. It allows me to set up simple text files with multiple ads in each. I then reference the text files anywhere in the blog template and the plugin will rotate between the ads found in the text file. Before using this plugin, I could only offer advertisers the option to manually switch out ad creatives every 2-4 weeks.

Akismet – best comment spam filter ever!

This should already be installed for your WordPress blog, but you may need to activate it. It’s secret? It aggregates information from all Akismet users–which means it will block you from a spammer, even if they’ve never commented on your site before. The only downside? Sometime it produces false-positives, resulting in legit comments heading to spam-jail.

Author Image – smiling faces on every post

If you like seeing the smiling faces of Pilgrim’s writers, you can thank Author Image. If you hate seeing the smiling faces of Pilgrim’s writers, you can blame Author Image. 😉

Best Contact Form – a juiced-up contact form

If you’d like to know more information about those that fill out your blog’s contact form–like, which keywords they entered on Google to get to your blog–then you’ll want to check out Best Contact Form.

CommentLuv – paying it forward

We love to reward our readers when they leave a comment. With CommentLuv, every commenter automatically has their last blog post displayed below their comment on Marketing Pilgrim.

FeedFooter – little messages at the bottom of your feed

FeedFooter has so many great uses. On MP we use it to display ads at the bottom of every RSS feed item. On other blogs I use it to place copyright information and backlinks–to try and stop spammers from scraping the feed.

Force Word Wrapping – ‘cos some words are too long

Have you ever seen a 40 character URL posted on a blog, stretch across into the sidebar. Looks ugly, doesn’t it? You won’t ever see that on MP, thanks to this plugin which forces word-wrapping.

Math Comment Spam – when Akismet is not enough

Even with Akismet, MP would still suffer from around 100 bot comments each day. When I installed Math Comment Spam protection, the number of spam comments dropped to zero. Effectively, only humans can leave a comment on MP, because even robots aren’t smart enough to figure out 7+11. 😉 Bonus: this form of comment spam protection is much easier for human commenters than those hard to read captchas!

No Self Pings – does exactly what it says on the tin

Here at Marketing Pilgrim, we inter-link our own posts heavily. Without this plugin, we’d have dozens of trackback/pingbacks from our own blog each day. This prevents them from showing up in our comments section.

Post Teaser – because I’m a big tease

Want to de-clutter your blog’s homepage and increase click-throughs to post pages at the same time? This handy plugin automatically creates a teaser of each post on the homepage, with a link through to the full post.

Redirection – when it absolutely, positively, must get there

I love this plugin! Not only does it automatically redirect post URLs–handy for when you click “publish” only to realize your misspelled a word in the post slug–but it also has a 301 redirect manager. How hand is that? A few months back a large email newsletter link to this blog, but had a typo in the page name. Instead of that traffic hitting a 404 error page, I was able to redirect it to the correct destination! Oh, and you should already know the SEO benefits of using this plugin. 😉

Related Posts – don’t leave home without it

If you’ve read this far into this post, the chances are, we have other posts that you’d love too! With this plugin, I can automatically suggest other great posts–on the same topic–that you’ll likely love. 😉

SEO Title Tag – “Professor” Spencer’s SEO home-run

If you care about SEO, then you should care about the TITLE of your posts and pages. I don’t always use this on posts, but for our “pages” this plugin allows me to override the TITLE that is automatically generated.

Show Top Commentators – just add water for instant comments

How do you get your readers to leave comments? Add this plugin and you can reward your most vocal commenters with a non-nofollowed backlink to the site of their choice. Options allow you to reset the list every day, week, or month and you can also decide how many to show. A word of warning. While this does help to kick-start the comments on your site, you WILL attract more spammers–hoping to leave comments as “Viagra” and such. You’ll need to police your list, but the plugin also allows you to filter out those commenters that abuse this plugin.

Smart Ads – smarter than the average plugin

Another recent find. Smart Ads lets me auto-insert ads before and after blog posts. OK, nothing new there. However, why I love it is that it allows me to insert the ads only after a certain number of days have past. For example, we have it set to only insert ads on posts older than 20 days. That way, regular readers are not inundated with ads, while we get to monetize our archives. 😉

Subscribe to Comments – “you just keep me hanging on!”

I wish more blogs had this plugin installed. As a publisher, I love this plugin because I can set the defaul to automatically subscribe a commenter to receive an alert when a new comment is added. This brings them back to the conversation–btw, they can un-check the box to opt-out. As a commenter, I love seeing this option–especially if I leave a comment and would love to know if the author replies to my question/comment.

Theme Tester – behind the scenes theme switching

This plugin was a life-saver during our re-design. It allowed us (Admins) to view the new WordPress theme, while every other blog reader saw the existing design. The next time you test a new theme, you can do so without risking your audience see the experiment!

WordPress Database Backup – a life saver

You do back-up your blog, right?

WP-Cache – legalized speeding

If you ever expect–or even if you don’t–to get on the homepage of Digg, Slashdot or some other high-traffic web site, then you’ll be glad you had this plugin installed. In brief, it caches your pages so that they load faster–which is handy when Digg sends you hundreds of visitors a second. There are lots of features and only a couple of caveats. Once a month it doesn’t play nicely with my Math Comment Spam plugin–resulting in the question and answers not matching up. Also, if you make changes to your design, you’ll have to clear the cache, in order to see the changes.

WP-Email – you’ll be surprised how often this is used

When I first installed this plugin, even I was shocked at just how often it was being used by readers. If your readers find something interesting on your site, let them email it to a friend or co-worker–you might just get another loyal reader/subscriiber!

WP-Notable – share, and share alike

There are lots of “share this” plugins available. You know, the ones that allow your readers to submit a post to Digg or StumbleUpon. I’ve used this one for years, but it doesn’t matter which flavor you use, just use it!

OK, now your turn. Why not share the love by leaving a link to your favorite WordPress plugin? C’mon spill the beans on that one plugin you think gives your blog an advantage.

  • Stuart Foster

    Woot! Awesome list, I can not wait to try these out on my blog. Every single one of these is useful, and I found some that I had not been using yet. Thanks :)

    Stuart Foster’s last blog post..The “Poochie” Effect

  • Matt Siltala

    Great list Andy! Thanks for sharing. There were several of these that I had not heard of.

    Matt Siltala’s last blog post..We Are Already Getting Calls Because Of Your Local Advertising Post

  • Frank Reed

    Nice list, Andy. I had to tell you nice list so I can take full advantage of the CommentLuv plug in ;-). Seriously though, this is the kind of stuff that serves people and that’s a great thing. Thanks.

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..Merry Christmas to All

  • Chris Goward

    Some gems in here, Andy. Some new ones I haven’t seen. Thanks!

    FeedFooter and Redirection will be time-savers.


    Chris Goward’s last blog post..Want to Achieve Excellence with Your Online Conversions? Follow the “Ten Thousand Hour Rule”

  • Nick Stamoulis

    This is a great list. I love the comment spam math plug in. That thing is a must for any blog.

  • Dan Foley

    Andy, Thanks for these plugins! There are some awesome plugins that I didn’t know existed and I’ll be using them. I’ve also bookmarked this page.

    Dan Foley’s last blog post..Video Marketing Can Be Very Effective

  • Tom Lambert

    check out Headspace2 – the Swiss Army Knife of WP SEO plugins – custom title tags, meta descriptions, nofollow, and more and more, most of which can be bulk edited.

    Also, if you’re willing to require javascript to post comments immediately, WP-hashcash does it without annoying your readers by making them add. If the user has JS off, it goes into your queue of comments awaiting approval.

    And what about Joost’s Sociable? I haven’t used it actually, but it seems like a good pairing with Notable.

  • Travis Campbell


    Excellent list of plugins here. Can you comment on the use of these plugins in the recently released WP 2.7. Are you planning to upgrade to that version soon? (maybe the conflict with WP-Cache and Math Comments would be fixed?)

    Thanks again, nice work.

    Travis Campbell’s last blog post..Video marketing online: 5 Most Common Myths

  • Andy Beal

    @Travis – all are working well in WP 2.7. :-)

  • David Wallace

    Great list Andy.

    Also like the following plug-ins:

    Category Order (
    DoFollow (
    TwitterTools (
    Wordpress Mobile Edition (

  • Cathy Stucker

    Thanks for sharing this list. I am using some of these, but found others that I had not seen before. These all look great, and I have an immediate need for a couple of them.

    I keep a file of plugins that I install anytime I set up a WordPress site. These will definitely be in that file.

    Cathy Stucker’s last blog post..How Much Is Your Reputation Worth?

  • Travis Campbell

    That is great news! Thanks for the speedy reply (subscribe to comments works well, eh? :-)
    Keep up the great work.

    Travis Campbell’s last blog post..Video marketing online: 5 Most Common Myths

  • Matthew Diehl

    Killer list Andy! I think all of these combined together will get an blogger’s site up to speed with tons of functionality. However, for SEO I use the All in One SEO Pack – It lets you do titles, descriptions and keywords.

    Matthew Diehl’s last blog post..The Use of Wireless LANs in Higher Education

  • Saad Kamal
  • TheMadHat

    Great work. There were a couple in there I’d never heard of, after shaking my head saying “not another ## plugins you should use post 😉

    1 note, WP Super Cache (not the regular WP cache) and math spam plugin don’t play well together. Found that out the hard way!

    TheMadHat’s last blog post..Black Friday Thesis Sale

  • Carrie Hill

    I like StickyPost. Sometimes we have a lot to get in the blog but a particular post should stay at the top of the homepage for a few days. Stickypost will let you do that very easily

    Thanks for the awesome list, Andy – I think we’re going to try a few of these out!


    Carrie Hill’s last blog post..Blizzard Expert to Present at SES Chicago

  • Andy Beal

    @Saad – thanks!

    @TheMadHat – yeah, I noted that above. It tends to cache older questions, but not the answers–leaving some folks scratching their head as to how they got 3+5 wrong! 😉

  • Andy Beal

    @Carrie – with WordPress 2.7 you can now sticky any posts without the plugin. 😉

    I just “stickied” this post and it seems to work well.

  • Carrie Hill

    @andybeal – well for anyone that has to wait for someone else to upgrade their blog (like I do) the plugin is neato :) yeay WP 2.7!!!!

    Carrie Hill’s last blog post..Blizzard Expert to Present at SES Chicago

  • Andy Beal

    @Carrie – which is another good thing about 2.7, it includes auto-upgrades for future WP versions–no more waiting! 😉

  • Saad Kamal

    OK just to add to the list:

    1. All-in-one seo Pack is just awesome! I think it works better than SEO Title Tag.

    2. Exclude Pages from Navigation — Sometimes I like to create “pages” but I dont want them to show up in my navigation bar. So this plugin can help you to exclude ‘pages’ from your nav bar.

    3. PageMash — Makes it really easy to organize pages. (e.g. Parent — Child)

    4. Referrer Detector — Automatically detects where your visitors are comes from and you can set to displays a corresponding greeting for each of those visitor. I love this plugin because I can set specific call-to-action for different sites. So for instance, if users are coming from I can ask them to “digg my post”, if from SU then Stumble etc.

    5. Robots Meta — This is VERY useful, if you want to play with the robots Meta tags of your pages. So Say you have a “Thank You page” that you dont want Google to crawl, u can easily use this to set that particular page as “no-index, no follow” etc.

    6. WordPress Database Backup —- If you are not backing up your WP DB then you are at HIGH risk. Use this plugin to get your DB backup directly via EMAIL or just let it store in your server.

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Microsoft has TradeMarked Kumo

  • Jay

    Great list, thank you. Although for tying in Flickr images into WP i’d say is a must have.

  • Daniel Dessinger

    i’m a big fan of the following plugins:

    easytube – easiest way i know to post YouTube videos in a post. amazingly easy.
    feedwordpress – this is for mashups, or to have topics delivered to your CMS for you to consider/approve/etc.
    subscribe to comments – allows readers to be notified of responses to their comments, because many will forget where they’ve commented and won’t come back to continue the conversation without some assistance.
    wp-polls – there’s a whole segment of blog readers who aren’t comfortable commenting but will answer a poll. by adding a poll to some of your posts, you get reader feedback you would have otherwise lost.

    Daniel Dessinger’s last blog post..Abandoned Profiles Affect Your Reputation Too

  • Utah SEO Pro

    Nice! There’s quite a few I’m going to try out right now.

  • Kathy @ Virtual Impax

    Awesome list! This is the first time in a LONG time there have been a couple of plug ins that I didn’t know about!!! No Self Pings is AWESOME!!!!! WP-EMail is another AWESOME plug in!!!

    Kathy @ Virtual Impax’s last blog post..Does your small business need to invest in yellow page advertising?

  • Andy Beal

    @Saad – thanks for sharing. I’m going to check out Referrer Director.

  • Dana Lookadoo

    Thanks for giving us this early Christmas present!

    Dana Lookadoo’s last blog post..Social Media – Wheels for Remarkablogger


    Wow some very interesting plugins here… I love the sound of “Theme Tester” and “No Self Pings”… about to check them out…’s last blog post..How To Setup Your Blog Advertising Management

  • Peter Young

    Great Post Andy – Noticed a couple of these obviously whilst doing some of the guest posts but didnt have a clue what they were.

    Now to install….

    Peter Young’s last blog post..Managing Robots Access to your site

  • Mike

    Thanks Andy – I’m installing the backup right now!

    Mike’s last blog post..Free Test: How Motivated Are You?

  • Jesse Liebman

    I have to admit I had not heard of most of these prior to this post. I guess, as someone who strives to produce a solid SEO blog, why you would go with the plugin route rather than physically code in the programs themselves? Afterall load time is a huge factor when it comes to ranking. If I actually put all of these plugins on my site it’d probably take an hour for it to load the homepage. Thoughts?

    Jesse Liebman’s last blog post..3 Reasons Why Blogging isn’t for You

  • Janet Thaeler

    @Jesse – same thought I had. My blog is already slow with too many plugins. Don’t know how to program them. Would love to know which plugins will weight down a blog because right now I’m testing them ONE AT A TIME.

    @Andy – thanks for your generosity in sharing your secret plugin sauce.


    Janet Thaeler’s last blog post..Utah Tweetup Party Review

  • Ray Dauphinais

    I’ve already found and am using a couple of your suggestions but will look into the oters. Thanks for a great list.

  • Carrie Hill


    I dont find plugins weigh my blog down at all – loads pretty fast. What does slow my loadtime down is the ad server I use – which I will probably remove.

    The issue with hacking your code to add all of this functionality comes in updating to new versions of WordPress. If it’s hacked up – it has to be hacked up every time you update. Also the more you mess with your code outside of plugins – the more opportunities there are to break your site. If a plugin messes things up – usually you just deactivate it and everything goes back to normal.

    Carrie Hill’s last blog post..Blizzard Expert to Present at SES Chicago

  • Andy Beal

    @Jesse and Janet – I run all of these plugins on MP and you can see for yourself how fast it loads. As for SEO – I have plenty of #1 rankings. 😉

  • mike

    Some of these plugins are very useful, thanks for putting up this list!

  • richardbaxterseo

    Nice post and very very useful, thanks Andy – just ftp’ing a few of these to my site now!!

    richardbaxterseo’s last blog post..I fixed my broken wordpress pagination

  • Steven-Sanders

    I love Ad Rotator, been using it on my blog since day one!

    Steven-Sanders’s last blog post..The Hardships Of Viral Marketing

  • redwall_hp

    Nice roundup. I use a few of them, but there are some I hadn’t heard of before.

    I’d also recommend (if you don’t mind a shameless plug) the WP125 ad management plugin for 125×125 banners.

    redwall_hp’s last blog post..Poll: Are You Running WordPress 2.7 Yet?

  • indocontest

    Nice list, I’m gonna try some of this plugin.
    Thank you!!

    indocontest’s last blog post..BEFolks First Grand New Year contest

  • Satbir Singh

    Thanks for this awesome post, some of these i never heard of, now trying hands on theme tester, wp-email & redirection

    Satbir Singh’s last blog post..Greet your friends with Youtube video this Christmas

  • Evan

    Great post Andy! Also, thanks to all those who have posted more plugins in the comments. I’ve got a dozen tabs open now checking out the ones that piqued my interest.

    Evan’s last blog post..Planning Ahead Makes Dinner Easy

  • Hannelore

    Thanks for the great list! Some finds here. I never tried a database backup plugin. I rather do it manually. Can I rely on it? I will check it out – finally… taking a deep breath

    Hannelore’s last blog post..Entstehung Patriarchat: Die heilige Jungfrau war ein Cowgirl

  • Dulce

    I’m using 6 of those plugins. I’m sure am missing some of it. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be checking the rest of it.

    Dulce’s last blog post..WordPress Theme: Mahusay

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  • John Hrastar

    Thanks Andy, great list! I’ve been using a few so far. Since I’m still new at this knowing what someone is really using successfully is very helpful.

    John Hrastar’s last blog post..HR’s Impact On The Bottom Line

  • Miguel Wickert


    Useful set of plugins you got here. What (if there is such) is the most underrated plugin? Thanks in advance- if you feel like there’s more than one feel free to cite those as well. :)


    Miguel Wickert’s last blog post..Blog Ethics: Rule 1- NO DAMN POP-UPS!

  • Matthew Block

    I went and downloaded 7 of those plugins tonight!! I haven’t even had a chance to rummage the comments section for additional plugins yet! Stellar post, thanks for the insight.

    Matthew Block’s last blog post..Why Social Networks (like Facebook) are Important

  • Alexander Morentin

    Thank you.
    This a great list.
    I have a pretty good selection of plugins, but there are a few here that will definitely make my life easier.

    Alexander Morentin’s last blog post..The Meatrix: Take the Red Pill, Sit Back, and Discover the Truth…

  • Matt Helphrey

    Sweet list! I have bookmarked to make sure to utilize this post and have past it around.

    Matt Helphrey’s last blog post..Develop a Link Building Strategy

  • SeoBrain

    Very big thanks to marketingpilgrim to put top commentators plugin, here i can show off my blog and also can get backlink.

    Maybe you can add threaded comment (forum like comment) plugin here.

  • David Towers

    Great post, really useful list, thanks for sharing.

    David Towers’s last blog post..People in the Joomla Community using Twitter

  • Nichole

    Wow ! This is very useful list for those who love wordpress. I have used some of them but hope rest will be useful for me.

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  • Ami Ohayon

    Tahnks, a nice list. I haven’t tried the Email plugin, but plan to experiment with it soon.

  • Web Design Beach

    Wonderful list indeed. I have found many plugins that i will find very useful for my blog, so i have bookmarked this page for later deep examination.

  • Peter van Veen

    Nice list, Andy, thanks for sharing. I’ve seen some I’ve heard of before.

    One of my favorites that’s not mentioned here is Headspace 2.

    Peter van Veen’s last blog post..How to Beat Improve Productivity by Beating Perfectionism

  • Designer

    wow……. thanks for the list

  • Robert “Butch” Greenawalt

    Excellent list to include some of the additionals in the comments. You’ve got yourself a new reader and fan. Very much appreciated. Cheers, Robert “Butch” Greenawalt

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  • Seshu

    Terrific list. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  • Jim Hickey

    Hello Andy,

    Great info and thanks for the link from twitter-land. Content that actually helps … very cool!


    Jim Hickey’s last blog post..Marketing with Online Surveys

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  • Susan

    I love this list of plugins. There are a few on here that I didn’t know about.

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  • Adam Doolittle

    Subscribe to Comments has boosted my re-comments 10 fold, ie, the person who left a comment the first time comes back to comment again.

    Adam Doolittle’s last blog post..The #1 Way To Skyrocket Your Sales This Year

  • Tom –

    I saw your post on ProBlogger, and this is a fantastic list. I am already heading over to download atleast 3 of them.

    Tom –’s last blog post..SMART Goal Setting For 2009

  • Diet Cleanse

    What a great list of plugins. I bookmarked the list so I use start installing when I build the next wordpress blog.

  • Christian Connett

    This is an amazing list that we will surely use! I would like to point out a great plug-in that we discovered lately:

    MS Text Message is a plugin for WordPress to allow blog owners to update their readership via SMS.

    A user comes to a site and wishes to be updated (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) via SMS Text Messaging. The user enters their 10 digit phone number on a sidebar widget. The number is then added to a database. Then every so often, the site admin can send an update via text about what is new on the site etc.

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks and welcome to Problogger readers!

  • Carey Suante

    Awesome list. Will refer this post when I get to build my wordpress blog. Thanks a lot!

    Carey Suante’s last blog post..Last Couple of Weeks…Culture, Contest, Crime

  • Kevin Wilson

    Very useful list, thanks Andy. I’ll be using several of these for sure, especially the no-self-pinging one!

    Another vote here for Headspace 2 for SEO.

    Another useful one for the list – Google XML Sitemaps, to create sitemaps automatically and notify Google, MSN and Ask.

    Kevin Wilson’s last blog post..Keep things moving out

  • Shapes of Sweetness

    Lists are dope.

  • Kyle Dylan Conner

    It’s a good list, but I don’t believe that any of them are “secret.”

    Kyle Dylan Conner’s last blog post..A Colbert Christmas (You?re Welcome)

  • Andy Beal

    @Kyle – you’re right, they are all publicly available. The “secret” was that I had not shared my list of plugins used on MP before. :-)

  • Chris Howard

    Andy, I know Akismet is good, but I turned it off once I went to WP-SpamFree (

    Wp-SpamFree blocks all automated comment spam from even being posted, which accounts for 99.99% of spam. In the few months I’ve used it, it’s blocked over 9,000 spam comments from even entering my system. And in that time there has been just 4 manual spam comments – which Akismet probably wouldn’t have picked up either.

    The technology in WP-SpamFree should be built into every blog engine.

    Chris Howard’s last blog post..We don’t need Big Brother, we’ve got Twitter et al

  • Ajith Edassery | DollarShower

    Thanks for disclosing your closely guarded secret :) A few notable omissions are feedsmith, all-in-one-seo, comment relish. Btw, please check out this new plugin


    Ajith Edassery | DollarShower’s last blog post..Recent Blogging Trends

  • Ian

    Great List Andy. I am going to pass this along to my readers.

    Ian’s last blog post..SD 05 | Getting Health Insurance When You Are Self Employed

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  • Derek Clark

    Wow, great list. I am definitely going to add a few of these to my blog. Thanks.

    Derek Clark’s last blog post..10 Political and Finance Books for Your Christmas Stocking

  • Vaibhav

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list.

    I would also suggest
    1.) FeedSmith which is useful if you wish to have better feed management and consolidate your feeds into one feed managed by Feedburner.
    2.) WP- Popular Posts : Displays popular posts on your blog. Uses Wp-Stats


  • ethan

    Thanks for the list.

    It was super helpful.

  • Dave F

    Thanks for the awesome round up Andy!

    Here is my favorite ad managing plugin (Who Sees Ads?)

    Dave F’s last blog post..Hossack’s eCommerce Hierarchy of needs (ecommerce roadmap to success)

  • Ness

    I’m so glad to have seen this list. Because it affirms for me that I’ve been labouring on the ‘right track’ and has filled in any gaps as well!

    Thanks, info like this is really helpful.

    Ness’s last blog post..Snapshots, Filters and Edge Burns

  • eric

    Fantastic list of plugins!!!

    Btw, what plugin is being used in the right sidebar to get the ‘fresh’, ‘popular’, ‘pilgrim’s picks’ posts?

  • Terry

    Yeah, you pretty well covered it I think. You have the nuts and bolts plugs and some cool bells and whistles plugs in that list.

    I would agree that Headspace is a good on to add to the collection, but c’mon – where is HELLO DOLLY!

    Like the Dolly.

    Terry’s last blog post..Google Ambush by Michael Lee and Andrew X

  • loy

    I have my own list of plugins:

    The Best WordPress Plugins for Blogging Newbies

    Check it out!

    loy’s last blog post..The Best WordPress Plugins For Blogging Newbies

  • hostingcoupons

    i preferred similar posts then related posts. and i would like also recommend seo slug, get recent comments, xml sitemap generator, seo friendly images, insights and popularity contest, they are great plugins.

    hostingcoupons’s last blog post..ThinkHost Hosting Coupon: Special Deal For Holiday – Save $50 OFF

  • BlogPiG

    I’m a big fan of tags and use SimpleTags all the time to semi-automate my post tagging.

    On blogs where I post remotely (via email) or simply want to posting run on autopilot (scheduled) I had my own TagPiG Autotagger plugin built, it works well but should be used with care.

    BlogPiG’s last blog post..New Google SKT (Search-based Keyword Tool) Beta

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  • Andre

    This is a great list and also thanks for the others that also added some more. I use quite a few of these and they are awesome.

    Andre’s last blog post..Do You Know Liz Tomey?


    Great list thank you very much .’s last blog post..Humane Society of Colorado

  • Roseli A. Bakar

    Thanks andy… Some of the plugins I have never heard of before :)

    Roseli A. Bakar’s last blog post..Spicing Up Your Writing Portfolio

  • Debbie James

    I am in the process of changing to the self-hosted WP. Some of these plug-ins will be added. I had not heard of many of these. Thanks for the post!

  • Lindsay

    thanks for this list. I am going to check some of these out – I would love to get more comments.

    One of the plugins that I have been using on a couple of blogs that is really helpful for generating some quick content is Postalicious – it takes my delicious links and makes a daily post. Has lots of options to customize the look of the posts.

    I also really like draft notification – sends me an email when one of my other authors has saved a draft.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..A Little Blog Research on Photo Books – Which Photo Book Website to use?

  • e-Patient Dave (deBronkart)

    The real-time previewer used on is wicked excellent. Aside from being cool, it FINALLY makes it easy to check my HTML, avoiding all kinds of forgotten stuff.

    I don’t know the plugin’s name but if anyone begs I’ll find out.

    e-Patient Dave (deBronkart)’s last blog post..NIH Summit on Health Disparities

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  • Frank Merlott

    That is a great list and I will be adding some of those plugins to my site, but the most obvious which I think it is missing on that list is the Googlemaps plugin, it should come as a default with WordPress but it doesn’t. I highly reccomend it.

    Frank Merlott’s last blog post..Thames Valley Police Officer Number 3233

  • Passion Parties by Alana

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for some good suggestions! I love the Comment Luv plug in!

    Passion Parties by Alana’s last blog post..Monday Romance

  • Hilmy

    This is a great list. About half of them I had not used.
    To add to the list, I also love wp-super-cache, google analyticator, google sitemap generator, all-in-one SEO, auto tagger, better tag manager and internal link building. These are my “can’t do withouts” :)

    Hilmy’s last blog post..How WordPress Single Install Can Be A Productivity Booster

  • Brian

    Smart Ads is the most interesting of these, love the idea of only showing ads to visitors coming into older posts. No Self Pings would come in handy as well.

    Brian’s last blog post..Video: ESPN Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Breakdown

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  • BloggerSavvy

    I particularly liked the commentluv and feedfooter plugins. I’d also suggest “Comment Approved Notifier” found here: and Subscribe2 found here: Finally one real good plugin for twitter users who manage their blog is TwitMe found here:

    BloggerSavvy’s last blog post..Word of Mouth – Here to stay?

  • Outlet

    Pretty cool article. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Blogguebo

    This is just awesome list Andy. I just starting my new other WP blogs and surely will consider these cool plugins.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Blogguebo’s last blog post..Thanks Mas Cosa!

  • NSJ

    What makes WordPress so great is the plugins. For just about every plugin listed above, I can think of a viable alternative, some even better in certain circumstances.

  • Ken Acton

    Thanks for the list. There are some new ones there that sound useful for me to try. The redirection plugin in particular sounds really good to me.

    Ken Acton’s last blog post..Traffic Module Tonight

  • Breakline


    Good stuff. I’m still learning the ropes. Being a new blogger I didn’t realize I was using two different versions of WordPress. Never knew there was a difference between vs. Needless to say due to this blog I figured out why one would accept plugins and one doesn’t.

    Anyways a cool plugin I found was WP Cumulus

    It’s an animated tag cloud. Check it out in action on my blog

    I’m still having issues with getting comments after a post. Ever dealt with this before? I can’t find out how to enable them. Seems like it should be so simple.

    Breakline’s last blog post..List of PPC & SEO Keyword Research Tools

  • Jaydip Parikh

    This is realy practical list and very useful list for any blogger. Thanks for the same.

    Jaydip Parikh’s last blog post..Women must flirt : Keep Relationship live

  • Corey

    Thanks for the plugins. I’ve been looking everywhere for good ones and trying to filter out the ones that don’t do it for me.

    Any word if these are all compatible with the new 2.7?

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  • edy

    Big thanks for decent list

    edy’s last blog post..Getting free coupons – get store coupons

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  • Dan Stats is another great plugin at It gives better stats than Google Analytics.

    Dan’s last blog post..Bakugan Battle Brawlers Coming to the Big Screen!

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  • Alan Bleiweiss

    Great resource list Andy. I’ve had a number of these for a while. Til now I’d been using the WP export feature which is okay, but the backup plug-in is great!

    I use Feedburner, so I have the Feedburner Feedsmith plug-in to help track things.

    I also use the Subscribe-To-Comments plugin – it helps my subscribers stay informed. And for my ego, since my blog is not massively popular (yet), I have the WP-PostViews plugin that shows how many views each post has garnered. This one is a real bonus because Google Analytics shows only how many times someone has been to a page on the site, and doesn’t show how many times someone has viewed a post through an RSS feed…

    Alan Bleiweiss’s last blog post..Advanced Lesson – 6 Key points to Keyword Selection

  • Jennifer – YRP Jen

    Great info – I’m putting the Math Content Spam plug-in on my site right away!

  • Donna Maher

    Andy – That’s also my son’s name. :)

    Thank you for sharing these awesome plugins – some I use, many I’m going to start using!

    I didn’t see anyone adding All-In-One-SEO but it’s really a good one because it adds more SEO functionality.

    Happy Holidays,


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  • Adam

    That math content spam deal is a winner – Geez I hate that stuff! Thanks

  • Small Business Marketing

    Thanks for the list Andy. I use a few of them but I found some new and interesting ones here.

  • Pingback: links for 2008-12-19 | girlie geek()

  • drivelocity

    I’m glad you posted the link to updated version of the Top Commentators plugin – I initially installed the one from and found that people could still hijack the links, even with Hijack Proof enabled. I ended up finding the one you linked to and updated mine today and posted about the fix.

    drivelocity’s last blog post..Top Commentators Link Hijack Vulnerability

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  • Bobbi Jo Woods

    Found your blog via a fellow Tweeter.

    Great list, I plan to use a few of these, at least. I’m migrating from an MU WordPress blog to my own domain and can’t wait to see how some of these might help.

    Thanks, Andy!

    Bobbi Jo Woods’s last blog post..Social Networking Series: Being Personable and Authentic

  • Robbert

    I definitely going to install related posts and wp-email on my blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Robbert’s last blog post..Wat is een hypotheek?

  • Clare

    Thanks for sharing your plugins – I haven’t heard of some of these and am off to investigate. Personally I don’t set up a new WP site without All in One SEO and Amazon Reloaded. If you are an amazon affiliate it’s the quickest way to add products to your blog without even logging into amazon!

    Clare’s last blog post..Stocking Stuffers for Kids

  • Gobala @ Profit Blogging Tips

    Great list. There’s also a plugin that automatically shares the name and url of all the plugins you’re actively using on your blog. Not sure what it’s called but I came across it recently.

    Gobala @ Profit Blogging Tips’s last blog post..WordPress Link Exchange Plugin and Tools

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  • Blogevolution2.0

    This is absolutely awesome! I’m truly loving this, Thanks Andy I currently use a couple of those plugins and will be using a lot more thanks to you now.


  • Van

    Andy thanks for taking the time to put this list together. This is my first time to your site (by way of ProBlogger) and will definitely stop back by from time to time. I am new to blogging and WordPress and was only using a couple of plugins. I have pulled down around 10 so far to play with and already put some into production. So far the Post Teaser plugin is my favorite. Thanks again.

  • wisdom

    Again great list. I was inspired to add Matt Comment spam to my blog because of it.

    wisdom’s last blog post..Tools for Bloggers

  • Anthony Arias

    Hi just found your blog as I’m new to blogging. This type of information is exactly what I need a one stop shop for the best plugins for my wordpress blog. As newcomer to internet marketing and blogging, I really appreciate this.

    Anthony Arias

    Anthony Arias’s last blog post..A Little Change Of Direction

  • Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog

    Thankfully you aren’t pushing All in one SEO pack, as I have said more than once it is a set it and forget it flop that hurts more bloggers than it helps. It has become about as useful as spray on hair or the pocket fisherman.

    I have used a lot of these in the past and some of them I still do. Despite using on average more than 60 plugins per blog, I am not a fan of duplication. I include as many functions as I can built into the theme where they tend to take up less cpu time. I use headspace 2 which eleminates the need for a great many other SEO plugins. You still have to do the work of writing a title tag, cleaning up your post slug, write your own page description, etc, but in the end this takes up about 2 extra minutes and you know it is done right.

    Continuing on without duplication I like using sociable for my social media links but I have dropped other email and print plugins and just added them to the list of options from sociable. Another thing I recommend is adding the sociable css to your theme so you don’t have to edit out the opacity level every time it is updated with new social networks.

    I use a couple of related post plugins, but I only use them occassionally. I like to turn them on see what comes up and then hard code anchor texts for the links. I am really looking for a one I like that can be widgetized for some my blogs with older blogs with lots of content.

    Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog’s last blog post..Free WordPress Theme: Greenback

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  • Joe Lofshult

    These are great plugins and I’m testing out some of them on my sites. The wp-cache and FeedFooter plugins are the ones that have me the most excited right now, but I’m planning to test all of them. Thanks for the great information.

  • Charles Lamm

    Good article. I find a few more indispensible:

    One Click Plugin Updater –


    HeadSpace2 –

    Charles Lamm

    Charles Lamm’s last blog post..doing some major planning for ?

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  • Wii Fit

    Theme tester is my favourate plugin

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  • John Robertson

    Nice list.. Been looking for a few of these!


    John Robertson’s last blog post..Train Insane With Kane, Episode #10 – Insane Supersets, Serge Nubret-Style!

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  • Cynthia

    I will definitely try some of these out!

    Cynthia’s last blog post..Cynthia’s Thoughts: Commercialization, Traditions and Modern Christmas

  • Jens

    Thank you for this very nice list…

    with kind Regards,

    Jens ( Germany )

    Jens’s last blog post..Weihnachtsmarkt in Münster – Überlebender

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  • p@r@noid

    Nice list and above all you tried explaining them ..!!!

    p@r@noid’s last blog post..How to add Google talk to your website?

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  • wpdigger

    Nice post. I love the way you explained each plugin. Got lot of knowledge here.

    wpdigger’s last blog post..9 Steps to Start a successful blog

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  • julie

    great post. and you’re right – now i need to read a lot of other posts on your site! glad i found you…


  • Christopher

    I was aware of several of these, but I did find some that I had to install immediately. Thanks for the informative list.

    Christopher’s last blog post..VHS: The End of an Era

  • Thomas

    This is a fantastic list. The best one (I think) is CommentLuv!

    Thomas’s last blog post..Showers Have Wet Floors (What Else Is New???)

  • ViralWordpress

    Try The Clickbank WordPress Plugin For Affiliates
    Clickbank WordPress Plugin

    ViralWordpress’s last blog post..The #1 Email Software

  • Franck Silvestre

    I didn’t backup my blog, and I lost it. This backup plugin is awesome, it send a backup to your email address without you having to do nothing. It’s a blog saver.

    Guys, I lost a 2 years old blog, so Backup your blog!


    Franck Silvestre’s last blog post..How I Make Thousands Of Dollars Submitting Articles!

  • Malte Landwehr

    Err, are you sure that the “Force Word Wrapping” is correct? Looks more like a phpBB2 than a WordPress plugin.

    Malte Landwehr’s last blog post..20% aller Teenager stellen Nacktfotos ins Internet

  • Joseph “Giuseppe” Zuccaro

    Great list! Found five plugins I never used before!

    Joseph “Giuseppe” Zuccaro’s last blog post..Gloria in Excelcis Venditor

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  • julie

    well i have to say i’m a bit disappointed. i was most interested in CommentLuv, but having left a comment here five days ago, CommentLuv has not picked up a headline from my blog, despite the fact that it has worked for other bloggers who have commented. :( and yes, it’s enabled below, and yes, i entered my website url above.


  • Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog

    Julie if your comment is not picked up automatically it is one of two things. First It can be the blog you you leave a comment on. There are half a dozen things things than can stop it from communicating with your blog. This happens a small percentage of the time, but it almost always happens to every comment left over a long period of time. The more likely scenario is it is your blog that is the problem. commentLuv goes looking for your feed. if you direct your feeds away with feedburner and other such services and don’t leave traditional rss/atom feeds in place it can affect your blogs ability to communicate with commentLuv. There are also a number of plugins that interfere with commentLuv getting your feed. Last but not least there are a lot of servers that are too slow to feed commentLuv. If you don’t see a comment instantly then you won’t get see one ever.

    Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog’s last blog post..Brad’s Social Status for 2008-12-28


  • SEO Pakistan, Karachi

    Great Incomings

    SEO Pakistan, Karachi’s last blog post..Matt Cutts Of Google Talks About 2009 With SEM Synergy

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  • Bill M

    A good one also is the 404 Not Found Google Search that was not on the list from AskApache.

    Bill M’s last blog post..Automakers and UAW! What’s Next?

  • Christine

    Great list — very practical, and lots of good plugins in the comments as well! I am happily plugging away, now.

    Christine’s last blog post..Review: Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome

  • SEO Googles (Tigis)

    wow, thx for the list. Actually I’ve been searching for this kind of list. One plugin that I’ve been searching is top comentator. It’s a simple way to attract many comments :)

    SEO Googles (Tigis)’s last blog post..What is SEO? – Achieving Optimization

  • Maureen

    Thank you so much for this post! I just had been looking at several of these plugins, but didn’t quite understand what they did (yes, I’m a newbie blogger). I wish they had summaries like yours on the description pages. Something like, “For those of you who only understand plain English, this is what this plug-in does.”

    Maureen’s last blog post..Geocaching With Your Family – Part 2

  • Shirley

    Very good list. I couldn’t live without Akismet, WP-Cache, and Subscribe to comments. And I’ve just added CommentLuv and, well, I love it! haha.

    Shirley’s last blog post..Perhaps You Shouldn’t Blog!

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  • Andy Beal

    @Maureen – happy to help. Good luck with your blog!

  • SEO Pakistan, Karachi

    I am using Akmisat, Ad rotater, Bookmarks, Sphinn, URL FREINDLY tag etc.

    SEO Pakistan, Karachi’s last blog post..Matt Cutts Of Google Talks About 2009 With SEM Synergy

  • Adam

    I wanted to share an easy way to Google Optimzer tests.

  • Genel kultur

    i use wordpress before. i think all of the the plugin listed upper is good but Akismet is some times creates problems .For example it sometimes filter qualified comments.

    Genel kultur’s last blog post..İNSANIN KÖKENİ

  • Oliver

    This is a really nice list! Congrats! I will try out Theme Tester. Could be very handy.


    Oliver’s last blog post..Eight WordPress Plugins you cannot miss

  • ClickBank Bonus Domination

    Woah! I was looking for most of this plugins :)

    Thank you so much!

    ClickBank Bonus Domination’s last blog post..ClickBank Bonus Domination Review – Official Review

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  • Simon Sigurdhsson

    Don’t forget the excellent tweetback plugin:

    Simon Sigurdhsson’s last blog post..Blondinbella

  • Tibor

    Nice list!

    I posted a list of 5 on my blog recently, of which MyCustomWidget and Widgets Reloaded come in very handy.

    Tibor’s last blog post..Baas over je eigen life streaming data met SweetCron

  • Mike

    Thanks for this post. I searched Google for this! I personally love CommentLuv!!

    Mike’s last blog post..How An Alcoholic Gets Drunk

  • Kaierlino

    Awesome list.
    Basically, about 18 of all of them i install in every new blog 😀

    Kaierlino’s last blog post..Tema: Atlantic

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  • Peter Mitchell

    Thanks for this list.
    I never even knew half of these existed.
    It will most definitely come in handy.

  • Jeremy

    This is awesome…THANKS!

    Jeremy’s last blog post..The New Shapes of Kwangho Lee

  • Mark

    There are some great plug-ins listed here which I’ll definitely be checking out! Thanks.

    Mark’s last blog post..Welcome to the ParvoBuster blog!

  • Wii

    Thanks for the list, I currently use about 13 of these plugins and have never heard of 4 of them so will definitely be research them to see if they can help me in my quest

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  • diet zone

    These are great plugins..

  • DF Marketing SEO

    Installing math comment spam right now from the plugins article – great post indeed.

  • Ali Hussain

    I disagree that Askimnet is the best Anti-Spam Software. I really adore WP-SpamFree. Try it and use it. Really works

    Ali Hussain’s last blog post..Color Overlay

  • audiostein

    Great list! Thanks.

    audiostein’s last blog post..DJ Excision – Shambhala 2008 Mix

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  • Marnie

    CommentLuv and Related Posts are two of my must haves!

    Marnie’s last blog post..Review: Acai Noni Slimming Blend Superfood Body Cleanse

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  • ayodeji

    The first key in creating the best online business is to help you identify a niche that you can work in. this can be a bit tricky but you must make sure that it has a few characteristics. First, you will want the subject to be something that you are interested in hopefully.

  • Rudi

    Great info. For SEO I use Headspace2.

    Rudi’s last blog post..Surat Keterangan Nilai Jual Objek Pajak (NJOP)

  • Kimberly Spencer

    That was a wonderful read, thanks for sharing. We just started a blog ourselves and I’m a complete newbie at this so kudos for such a good job on your blog! :-)

    Kimberly Spencer’s last blog post..Welcome to Blog!

  • Colleen

    Hi Andy,

    Just wondering if you’ve ever checked out Apture. We are a small company that is trying to create a rich media experience for readers of the web, and we have a plugin for WordPress too. You can check out examples of how to use Apture on our website, and it’s free to sign up!

    Please feel free to let me know if you have feedback or questions about our app.


  • Seth

    Thanks for great plug-ins. I am definitely going to have to use a couple of them. Who knew there were so many useful plug-ins available for wordpress

    Seth’s last blog post..News Flash::: Daschle Withdraws!

  • Mike

    Whoah, thanks for the write up on all the great plug-ins, there was few there that I never new existed and I thank you for turning me on to them.

    Mike’s last blog post..Do you know how many website owners don’t make money on line


    Thankyou for your article! Am very glad you decided to release your secrets to the masses! I have taken notes and hopefully start the action. It was very useful and much appreciated :)

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  • J. Rocker

    This Plugin is absolutely amazing!I don’t know what I would do without it. Nice post! I’m Going to try ad rotator next.

    J. Rocker’s last blog post..Beyonce Knowles on Marriage

  • Type Approval

    Thanks for the great lists…i will try some of them

    Type Approval’s last blog post..Analog Modem D-Link DU-562M

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  • kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009

    Thanks for the great plugin. I’m Going to try Theme Tester, because I often mutually themes

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