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Burger King Uses Twitter to Send Cease & Desist Notice

Just days after an Australian judge ruled that Facebook could be used to server a home owner foreclosure legal documents, we now have a curious case of a cease and desist notice being sent via Twitter.

The official Burger King Twitter account has apparently sent such a notice to the account "WhopperVirgins"–which we assume has been "brandjacked" by someone outside of the fast food company.

Now, knowing BK, this could just be some kind of inside joke, but it will be interesting to see if this is the beginning of a growing trend. I, for one, have personally been a victim of brandjacking on Twitter–although I chose a more amicable solution for getting back the Trackur username.

If a judge can legitimize Facebook as a channel for legal communication, then surely we can assume the same for Twitter. This has ramifications way beyond the return of a hijacked Twitter account and is plagued with obvious flaws–what if the person has blocked you?

I’d personally like to see a more structured way for trademark owners to quickly have a brandjacked account returned to them–asking Twitter is like asking Santa Claus–so let’s hope this is a step in that direction.