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By Carrie Hill

Traditional ad agencies are the bastions of your TV and print advertising. Elaborate campaigns designed around a single logo, image or color that flows from spot to spot. The reality is digital advertising is more tailored to multiple target audiences—so serving a campaign with a purple color scheme to one demographic and one with blue to another is very real, even basic technology.

There are new media companies that are creating literally hundreds of ads based on different ad platforms, demographics, etc and serving them up to millions of consumers. The question becomes how does the creative side meet, embrace and work with the dynamically digital side?

A recent article in the NY Times addresses this very topic. Technology is undoubtedly pulling the traditional advertising agency along in its wake. Two of the new ad platforms addressed, Adisn and Tumri serve ads based on the content of the site or page where the ads are to be displayed.

This is basically what Google AdSense does—but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The new platforms also use queries you’ve made and pages you’ve visited to build the perfect ad with the right colors, actors, images and keywords—all on the fly. Much more sophisticated than Adsense.

Carrie Hill is the SEO Team leader for Blizzard Internet Marketing where she specializes in optimizing travel, tourism and accommodations websites

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  • PS3

    How do the advertisers know which pages you’ve visited or queried? Is it all cookie based?

  • that’s pretty cool. I guess just about any major advertising program that has demographic targeting should have something like this. Neat.

  • Very interesting, it looks like they use some marketing theories

  • Jason Kuiper

    That is very interesting.It does seem cookie based.

  • I wonder how long it will take before Google bids on either one or both of the companies. I believe Google has a take no prisoner attitude whenever it goes about owning advertising real estate online (and offline) Very, VERY interesting techniques. I would love to see more of it.

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  • I’m in agreement with the comment above, about Google buying up what amounts to virtual real estate.. Google doesn’t want competition that might ever become a challange to their absolute dominance of the ‘net..

  • What will be nice to watch is the kind of blokes that are likely to start off being greater in numbers in Madison Avenue!

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